How to Job Hunt Effectively During Covid

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With fears of record redundancies and unemployment now at 5% and growing, it’s easy to feel uneasy about being a job hunter at the moment. However, recruitment agencies in London aren’t throwing their arms in despair and neither should you. There are jobs to secure, and you do have choices. Here are our top tips for a successful job hunt given the effects of the pandemic that’s still whirling around us:

Tips for job seekers in 2021

  1. Digital first

    Everything has moved online, and you need to as well. Graduate jobs fairs aren’t happening in person and neither are interviews. Pretty much every aspect of the job market is seeing a digital shift. So like it or not, you need to be happy to digitise your job search. Polish up your computer literacy and embrace the remote job hunt.

  2. Win at change

    One thing every employer has in common at the moment is that they’re looking for flexible, adaptable employees. Things are changing, often from day to day, and employers need to know that their new staff can handle change like a walk in the park. Show that you’re as agile as a stretch-toy and can use those skills to help them out.

  3. Be a pro communicator

    As a London recruitment agency, we can tell you that communication skills are perhaps the most important soft skill in any given role. That means being able to communicate effectively using different media. You need to be as succinct and professional on Zoom as you are clear and effective on email.

  4. Your CV needs tweaking

    If you’re job hunting, then chances are you’ve spent some time reviewing your CV. But you need to make sure you do this in line with the changes Covid has brought. Show that you’ve used any furlough or redundancy time wisely, but also show that you understand which of your skills are the most important to employers at the moment.

  5. Trust a single recruitment partner

    There are a whole bunch of recruitment agencies in London, and they aren’t created equally. Employers will head to their favourite agency and stick with them. So that’s where you need to be. Look at what the agencies specialise in and their success rates. Also, be open-minded about using temporary jobs in London. Employers are using these at the moment more than permanent positions, and they will almost certainly find these candidates by using a London recruitment agency.

  6. Transfer your skills

    Realistically, workers from many struggling industries, like events, have got to look at different options. Chances are you have a bundle of transferrable skills. What you need to do now is highlight those on your CV and make them stand out to employers so that they can easily visualise you excelling in a different role.

  7. Breathe and be patient

Job hunts at the moment will take longer than you’re perhaps used to. With different Covid restrictions slowing down operations for many, and lots of homeworking, expect longer reply times and expect it to take longer to find your next job. It will happen; just be patient and keep going.

Take a look at our useful advice for candidates, and you’ll find out everything you need to know from how to manage online interviews to how to spruce up your CV.


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