How to Improve Your Chances of Success at Interview

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At our London recruitment agency, we know it can be immensely demoralising to be unsuccessful in an interview. Whilst it’s a perfectly normal and common part of job hunting that should be expected, we know that you want to maximise your chances of success. If you’re applying for office support jobs in London, we recommend that you follow the tips below. They’ll help to ensure you succeed in securing the job you’re looking for.

Interview tips

Be selective

Don’t simply jump at the chance to attend an interview. Consider whether you actually want this job. If the answer is ‘no’, you can bet the interviewer will pick up on it. Be selective if you can.

Prepare, prepare, prepare

Very few people can wing it and be successful at interview. You need to understand the business and the role, so do your homework. You should be well-versed on who their leaders are, their recent business news, and their values. You should know exactly where the interview is and, if it’s virtual, have tested your tech. Also, go through your CV and potential questions, and think about possible answers that draw on your experience.

Be professional

With increasing numbers of employers having more casual cultures, it can be tempting to take a casual approach to your presentation at interview. You’re not in the door yet, so you must remain professional. Be neat, polite, and conscientious. Switch off your phone, ensure the cat won’t walk over your keyboard, and speak directly to the interviewer.

Get your body language right

Even in virtual interviews, a lot of communication is non-verbal. When you’re nervous for an interview, it’s easy to come across as awkward, or even impolite. So don’t just think about the words you say, think about your body language. Make good eye contact (with the camera if you’re online), sit up straight, and keep your hands visible but don’t overly gesticulate.

Be enthusiastic but not desperate

Desperation is evident, and interviewers will wonder why you haven’t been snapped up already. So, show your enthusiasm for this employer only, not a job in general. Answer questions fully, avoiding one-word responses.

Be authentic

An interview is an opportunity for both sides to assess the match. This requires authenticity. Interviewers are skilled at spotting those who are genuine and those who aren’t. Be honest and factual, but be yourself.

Avoid some topics

An interview is not normally the place to discuss salary, benefits, or your upcoming holiday plans. Negotiations are for after you’ve hooked them, and they’ve identified you as the one they want.

Ask meaningful questions

Avoid stereotypical questions. Use your research to try and identify more unusual, but genuine questions. Show a willingness to learn more about the business and the role.

Follow up

Don’t forget about the interview the minute you’re out of the door. Call or email the hiring manager, and thank them for their time. Contact your recruitment consultant, and put them in the picture.

We’re one of the few recruitment agencies in London who ensure you’re supported in your job quest. If you feel you need more guidance on performing well at interview, then become a Love Success candidate and ask your consultant for their help.


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