A Day in the Life of a Personal Assistant During Covid

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Working as a PA always entails variety. But like it has with so many different jobs, Covid has brought a whole new dimension. We thought you’d like hearing the experience of one London PA who is currently working from home.

7:45am: The wonderful thing about working from home is I get an extra hour-and-a-bit in bed! I roll simply out of bed, grab a coffee, and I’m at my desk pretty quickly!

8:00am: Whilst drinking my coffee, I scan through my boss’s emails. There are a few things to scoot over to today’s to-do list and some priorities to be rejigged. I dash off a quick message on Teams to let my boss know I’m online and available. At the same time, I remind her of some client contacts she’s got today.

8:30am: My boss is having a mare with a PowerPoint that she needs for a client presentation later. She sends it over to me, and I fix it. I love being the go-to Admin Queen!

9:30am: I’d usually be organising travel bookings if I was in the office but obviously, these aren’t happening. We’ve come up with other ways to work with international clients. I start organising a January convention which will take place online.

10:00am: My boss starts her first online meeting. I join in to take the minutes and take care of any last-minute tasks that need doing. I manage the attendees and ensure that they’re present and connected.

11:00am: Meeting was quite quick. It was with some long-term clients, which makes life easier. Tech all worked today too, so that’s good. I type up the minutes and some letters that my boss has asked me to send out with our media packs. I head out to the postbox to deliver them. When I get back, my boss has left a message urgently requesting some data, so I get that across.

12:00pm: Getting hungry, but our clients in the US are about to wake up, and my boss is still having problems with the data and material she needs for the presentation. A few of us get on Teams and figure out how we can collectively pull together the right information. It’s harder because we don’t have the office resources, but we get it organised.

12:30pm: I finish getting the presentation together, adding in the company graphics etc., then send it over to my relieved boss!

1:30pm: Yay! Lunch break. It’s easy to feel trapped working from home within the same four walls. I grab a sandwich,wrap up warm, and go for some a stroll around the block.

2:30pm: Back at my desk, it’s time to get on top of my boss’s emails again! She gets more than ever now that’s she’s working from home.

3:30pm: My boss shares that we’ve won a new client, which is fantastic news given the current climate. We’ll need some more support staff though, and that’s a bit worrying. However, I called Love Success and they suggested their Virtual Support Service, so we’re lined up and ready to go. Temp work in London is now temp work online!

4:30pm: Emails are under control, and I make a few phone calls. I sign my boss up to a couple of industry webinars and check that her calendar for next week is manageable.

5:00pm: I quickly check in with my boss, and she’s happy for me to log off for the day. I shut my laptop and carry out my 10-second commute to the kitchen!

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