How to Set Career Resolutions for 2021

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If you’re stepping into 2021 wondering just where your career will go, you’re not alone. Whether you’re reconsidering things because of redundancy or because 2020 kept you stagnant when you wanted to progress, the best way to succeed in 2021 is to set some resolutions.

Like other London recruitment agencies, we recognise that the recruitment landscape heading into 2021 has changed from previous years. Your goals and resolutions need to reflect the changes so that you come out on top.

Here are the Love Success top ideas for career resolutions in 2021:

  1. Give temping a try

    Seriously, if you want to boost your skills, network, earn some cash, and potentially find your next career step, temping in London is the way forward. With businesses still in the thick of Covid survival and recovery, they’re turning to temps to help meet their staffing needs without the risk. It’s not second best, and it can boost your career progression.

  2. Make sure you’re home-and-office ready

    Working from home because of the pandemic is still the norm in many jobs. Even if you’re applying for office support jobs in London, you can guarantee that you’ll need to be able to work from home at least some of the time. This could well start from the interview stage. Make sure you have an office set-up at home with a professional background should you need to attend a virtual interview.

  3. Keep learning

    Transferrable skills are going to be the defining factor for those who are successful with their career plans in 2021. What’s more, you need to show that you’re motivated to learn and don’t just undertake training because your boss tells you to. Make your CV sing by taking advantage of all the free online courses that are available at the moment.

  4. Make your CV beautiful

    We can expect recruiters to face a ton of CVs for every position in 2021. Make yours stand out for the right reason. Once you’re done, make sure you save it as a PDF. This will make it ideal for reading digitally.

  5. Choose the right recruitment agency

There are loads of recruitment agencies in London, but they aren’t all created equally. Don’t hedge your bets. Choose a specialist that has thrived during the pandemic. For example, here at Love Success, we specialise in PA and office support jobs in London. We didn’t rest on our laurels during 2020; we opened a new Virtual Support service. Our relationships with a broad spectrum of London employers are intact, ready to bring you the best opportunities in 2021.

Finally for 2021, make sure you set resolutions that focus on your mental wellbeing. 2020 has been hard on everyone, and going through the recruitment process is tough. Arm yourself to come through it with strength by resolving to look after your mental health.

Are you ready to make 2021 the year you smash your career goals? Give us a call on 020 7870 7177.


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