Why You Need a Virtual Assistant

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A year ago, virtual assistants (VAs) were something a small or start-up business may only vaguely have been aware of. Today, hiring a virtual assistant is a vital part of our PA recruitment agency. With the rise of home working, VA positions are among the most valuable PA jobs in London. They can help with everything from admin tasks and customer support to bookkeeping and social media marketing.

But the role of the VA is still a little murky. What are the top reasons for considering one?

  1. Reduced costs

    Hire a PA to work virtually, and you cut a lot of your overheads. You only pay for the work done. If you need help this week but not next, that’s not a problem. It’s perhaps one of the best approaches to temporary jobs in London at the moment. You don’t have to cover a full salary when you don’t know what’s on your horizon, and you don’t have to pay to kit them out with equipment or office space.

  2. They’re ready to go

    When you want employees to take on a new task, you often need to train them. With a virtual PA, you identify what task needs doing, and our PA recruitment agency matches you with an individual already skilled in that area. There’s no training needed, they just start straight away.

  3. They free up your time

    If you’ve discovered that working from home means you’re now doing double the admin, you’re not alone. Such non-core tasks can easily eat up your working day — right when you need to be concentrating on ensuring your business can survive and thrive through the pandemic.

    A virtual assistant can take over these tasks, meaning you can be more efficient and focused on what really generates income. From scheduling and setting up yet another virtual meeting to data entry, a VA has it covered.

  4. Your business is more agile

    Temporary jobs in London are always used to enable businesses to be more flexible. They can scale in a way that is safer than taking on a full-time employee. The same applies to VAs. You get the talent you need without the ball and chain.

  5. You look professional

Working from home, you’re probably already struggling to maintain a professional façade with clients and customers. No one needs to know that your VA doesn’t work for you full-time. They help give the impression of a successful, thriving, and organised business, which, in turn, breeds success.

Hiring a VA can be a great help in weathering the uncertain months ahead. As a specialist PA recruitment agency, we’re here to help ensure you secure the talent you need. Find out more about our virtual PA service, or get in touch to see how we can help meet your recruitment needs.


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