How to Write a Great Personal Bio on Your CV

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Before sending your CV to lots of London recruitment agencies, make sure it’s in tip-top condition. A section of your CV that always draws attention is the personal bio. Right at the front and top of your CV, it’s what stands out. Whether you’re applying for permanent or temp work in London, you need to make sure your bio is fabulous.

What is a personal bio?

It’s a brief summary of why an employer should pick you; an overview of who you are and what you bring to the table.

How to write a personal bio

There are some key points to remember when writing your bio. To begin with, dump all of your thoughts down, then gradually craft them into a succinct paragraph.

  • Introduction: First impressions count, and this is yours. Use your first sentence to highlight your core details and achievements. Next, give an overview of your unique skill set and personal attributes.
  • Keep it brief: Recruiting managers scan CVs, spending just a few seconds on each before deciding whether to bother continuing. Your bio should be in the region of just 150-200 words and no more.You need to keep it brief and focused. Concentrate on whetting the reader’s appetite.
  • Write in the third person: It’s impossible to get away from sounding like you’re writing a “what I did at the weekend” piece of schoolwork unless you write in the third person. You may find it easier to initially write it in the first person and then re-write it in the third.
  • Tailor it: The bio is an excellent part of your CV so really tailor it towards the roles you’re applying for. For example, if you’re after temp work in London, that should be evident here. Think about your audience and what they‘re looking for.
  • Check it thoroughly: You should check your entire CV thoroughly for errors, but certainly check your bio again and again. Then get someone else to read it and check it again for you. Read it aloud and see if it makes sense.

How to make your personal bio stand out

With the basics in place, you can consider some additional things that’ll truly make your bio sing. You want to attract the attention of the recruiting manager and stand out from the competition.

  • Try to convey your personality through your tone of voice.
  • Point to additional information, such as your LinkedIn profile.
  • Use words from the advert or job description.
  • Be honest, but also really sell yourself.

Do you need help applying for jobs?

With many recruitment agencies in London, you send off your CV into the ether and don’t get personalised support. At Love Success, you can submit your CV to us and one of our professional recruitment consultants will carefully consider if it can be improved. If it can, they’ll help you and provide the support you need.

A great personal bio on an excellent CV will help you secure the job you’re after, so take your time.


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