How Are You Finding Job Hunting at the Moment?

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We know that lots of PAs are worried about looking for a new job in London. We’ve been chatting to several recent candidates who’ve been on the hunt for new PA or office support jobs about how they’ve been finding the experience.

Choose wisely

“Choose your help wisely,” Sahana says. “I registered with loads of different recruitment agencies in London, only to find it was a complete waste of time. I should’ve done some research about which agencies were most suited to me and my skills. It’s been better since I’ve focused on building a relationship exclusively with Love Success; I’ve had more interviews and spent less time trawling websites.

It’s quite exciting

Zara told us that she finds the process exciting. “I might be unusual, but I genuinely love job hunting,” she says. “It feels so full of potential. I’ve lost my job through redundancy, so people don’t really understand my positivity. But I think to myself, “this is meant to be”. I’m sure my next job will be worth the wait and the upheaval. Nothing good happens when you stay still!”

It’s worrying

Rebecca’s experience has been the opposite. “I’m a natural-born worrier, but I’m finding job hunting particularly stressful at the moment,” she explains. “I think it’s because of all the negativity in the news. I feel like finding a new job will be impossible. It’s silly because I’ve already been invited to a couple of interviews, so people out there are hiring!”

Interviews are odd!

James has had three interviews since registering with us. “The first two interviews were virtual,” he told us. “That was very odd. The beginning felt disjointed and I felt really exposed. Then I had an interview in person in central London, which was also unusual. Obviously, I couldn’t shake hands with any of the people interviewing me. We then sat in this huge board room with everyone two metres apart. It was so different to interviews I’ve been to before.”

Look broadly

“My background is in hospitality,” says Nisha. “I was being too rigid with my job search before. Of course, there are no new jobs in hospitality at the moment. I spoke to a consultant at Love Success, and we talked about my skills and what I could do. She helped me to see that I do have skills that can be used elsewhere. I’ve got an interview next week for a PA role, and I’m excited that this could be a new chapter for me.”

Be cautiously optimistic

Don’t be scared of job hunting at the moment; there are opportunities out there for PA and office support jobs in London. But do be flexible. You may need to consider temporary roles, or working in a slightly different niche.

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