How to Make London Temp Jobs Work for You

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As a leading temp recruitment agency in London, we’re often asked "are temporary jobs real jobs?" Our answer is always a resounding “YES!” We know that London employers increasingly value temp workers even (and sometimes especially) during a downturn. Once we’ve put those initial fears to bed, we’re met with further questions about the mechanics of temping in London: how long does it take to find a job? How do you avoid having gaps between placements? If those are the questions you’re asking, read on to find out how you can make temping in London work for you.

Know your reasons for wanting to temp

A wise first step on the road to success is working out why you’re looking to temp. It may be to boost your experience, earn some cash whilst doing something else, or for work-life balance reasons. Whatever your motivation, knowing it will help you find the right positions.

Get the basics right

Even in temporary jobs, you need to get the basics right. One of the basics is having a snazzy CV ready to send off quickly. Create an experience-focused CV, then take care in selecting a recruitment agency. For example, choose Love Success if you are looking for temporary office support or PA-type roles in London.Once you’ve done that, listen to your agency. They know what employers expect more than anyone. When they place you, follow their guidance on everything and this will help you secure further positions in the future.

Treat temp work like permanent work

There’s a temptation to view temping as a different beast to permanent work. This is where many candidates can let themselves down, not to mention their agency and employer. Making an excellent impression every day is the path to long-term success in temping. Good temps are like gold dust, so make sure you’re remembered for all the right reasons.

Shape yourself to fill temp roles

Flexibility is vital for everyone working in office support, but even more so for those working in temporary roles. You will need to be enthusiastic, flexible, and able to learn new things quickly. This should be matched with a friendly, helpful, and personable approach, ensuring that you can hit the ground running.

For many within temp roles, the most crucial attribute they can bring to each role is initiative. Rarely do employers have the capacity to nurture a temp in the same way as a permanent member of staff. In addition to this, you’re likely to be using new systems or processes. The way to thrive is to take the initiative and be proactive.

It’s also vital that those working within office support in a temporary capacity really pay attention to detail. Sweating the small stuff is important in all office support roles, but it’s easy to let things slip, especially when everything’s new. Also, just because you might have left by the time a problem is discovered, that doesn’t mean it won’t come back to bite you and hinder future opportunities.

Work in partnership with your consultant

Your consultant is there to help you secure temporary positions and despite what the news might suggest, there are temp jobs available out there right now.  Help your consultant to help you by keeping them up to date on everything from your availability to your expectations. That way, they can make sure that you’re matched with the most appropriate and worthwhile temporary jobs in London according to your needs.

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