How to Impress Your Boss at Work

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There’s one relationship you didn’t exactly choose but spend a large portion of your life managing: the one with your boss. Investing so much time in such an unequal relationship can be fraught with difficulties. However, if you nurture the relationship and impress them, it can make your working life so much better. For those in PA and office support jobs in London, it’s a vital skillset to have. So how do you do it?

  1. Take the initiative

    Put yourself in your boss’s shoes. Are they busy? Do they have lots on? They don’t want to be hand-holding their subordinates all the time.

    Your boss will respect and admire you if you use your initiative. You need to spot what needs doing and do it before your boss does. For PAs, this should become second nature. You should know your executive’s diary better than they do.

    Come up with ideas, strategies, and solutions that allow for your boss to get on with their job seamlessly. Knowing they can trust you to have foresight will be invaluable to them.

  2. Plan

    If you’re winging it all the time, it’ll show and mean your boss will feel the need to micromanage. Office support staff should be A-star planners.

    If you plan, you have time for changes and amendments at the last minute. You get the pick of the bunch when it comes to restaurant or venue bookings (especially due to Covid restrictions), for example. Things are calmer and more in control.

    If your boss knows you’re a planner, they know you’ve got an eye on their future.

  3. Relationships

    You’re the social lubricant in the professional relationships your boss has. It’s important that you build and nurture good and positive relationships with the people that matter to them.

    By doing this, you can leverage those relationships to the benefit of your boss and use your insights to get things done smoothly and without disruption. Aim to be professional, friendly, and fair in all your communications with others, and steer clear of office politics.

  4. Problem-solve

Problem solvers impress those around them, including their boss. Problems will happen in professional environments, there’s no avoiding that. What matters is how you respond to them. It’s impressive if you can see a problem looming and keep a cool head as you consider solutions. Where possible, go to your boss with the solution rather than the problem. They will thank you for reducing their stress rather than adding to it.

Impressing your boss helps you in numerous ways. Your working life will be more pleasant and productive. You’ll also build a good reputation for yourself, which will stand you in good stead in the future. You’ll be the one that gets the glowing reference when you’re ready to job search.


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