How to Create a Good Relationship with Your Recruitment Consultant

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Your recruitment agency and recruitment consultant are on your side. They want you to succeed — and not just because of their commission and bonuses! Successful recruitment consultants do the job because they genuinely love the satisfaction of matching an individual to a role. But with each consultant having numerous candidates to manage, how can you make the relationship work as effectively as possible, meaning you secure a permanent or temporary job?

Rapport matters

If you like chatting to your consultant, and they like chatting to you, it’ll be easier for them to get to know you and what you’re looking for. It’ll also ensure you’re right at the forefront of their mind, and the consultant will be more likely to give you useful advice.

Be yourself

Don’t put on a front with your recruitment consultant. They’ll see straight through it. Instead, be true to who you are. They’ll then be able to ‘sell’ you effectively and help you manage your weaknesses. They’re also more likely to identify the employers that match you in terms of culture.


Your consultant knows a thing or two. They do this day in day out, and they know how to help and how to ensure your success. But they can’t do it effectively if you’re working against them. Remember they’re on your side, and their advice is worth listening to.

Be honest

Your consultant can’t help you if you’re spinning them a yarn. They won’t be cross if you tell them that you’re using other recruitment agencies in London, or that you’re off on holiday next week. They will be frustrated if they find out a different way, and that they’ve wasted their time as a result. They will also feel mightily embarrassed and annoyed if you lie about your skillset, only for it to come out further down the line — which it will.

Put a face to your name

It’s a reality that recruitment consultants manage multiple candidates. Put your face to your name so that you’re memorable. You can do this by asking for a video call with your recruitment consultant so they can get to know you. If you want to, you may also be able to meet them face to face.


It’s not enough to fire your CV over to a London recruitment agency and then expect them to do everything for you. The relationship will prove far more fruitful for you if you stay in touch, ask for feedback, and communicate regularly. Don’t leave it all up to the consultant. Be proactive and show that you’re committed to your job hunt.

Whether you’re looking for office support jobs in London, or temporary jobs, your relationship with your recruitment consultant is important. Follow the tips above and you’ll have an excellent relationship with your consultant and, as a result, be more likely to secure the right position for you.

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