How Did You Find a New Job Post-Lockdown?

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The working world is regaining some form of normality again. For some, however, the anxiety of finding a new job post-lockdown is rising. Whether it’s because they’ve been made redundant, are a new graduate, are ready for the next step, or have discovered that their current employer isn’t right for them, many people are looking for new jobs — and finding them. At our recruitment agency in the heart of London, we’re seeing it every day.

We spoke to several of our recent candidates about how they found their new job now that lockdown is far-less stringent and employers are finding their new normal. Due to the nature of our agency, the focus is on office support jobs in London, but the lessons can be applied across many different sectors wherever you are.

From temping to permanent

“As lockdown started, I was temping in London,” explains Caitlyn. “The business I was working for specialised in online legal services, so they’ve seen booming business. I started working from home and was then offered a permanent contract. It’s been fantastic, but quite accidental if I’m honest. I feel like I’ve landed on my feet!”

From furlough to virtual

Adam was furloughed at the start of the crisis. He worked for a travel agency that has since gone bust. “I was very disheartened to begin with and genuinely wondered if I’d ever find another job,” he told us. “That seems an extreme reaction now, but it was how I felt. After a few weeks of feeling sorry for myself, I saw that Love Success had a Virtual Support service. I got in touch, unsure if my skills would be transferrable. It turned out that my skills were perfect for a temporary job processing refunds for another business. From there, I was offered another role in customer service, again done virtually. I’m still there, and they say they’ll need me for at least three more months.”

From uni to first job

Alexis is a Covid-era graduate. She was originally due to start a training scheme, but it fell through. She came to Love Success looking to temp in London, just to see her through. However, she’s now secured her first permanent role in HR through us. “I honestly thought I wouldn’t find anything,” she said. “But now I’m working in HR for a financial services business. It was hard to get started, as it was virtual and I didn’t know anyone, but it quickly felt normal. We’re now back in the office part-time, and I prefer that. My boss has even said if I continue this way that they may be able to support me through my HR qualifications. It’s been a complete turnaround!”

From one level to the next

“I was already thinking of moving on when coronavirus hit,” says Mischa. “Then I figured I’d just have to sit tight until things passed. When it became clear that this would mean a long wait, I called Love Success. I had two virtual interviews for jobs that were more senior. I was offered the second and start next week. I’m really excited because, given the timing, I think I can make a difference.”

Are you looking for a new job since Covid?

If you’ve been looking for a new job since Covid arrived and lockdown began to ease, do get in touch. The landscape is a little different, but there are opportunities to be found. We can help you find them.


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