Are There Temping Jobs in London at the Moment?

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Temping in London has long been a popular option. For those between jobs, wanting to gain experience, work around study, or enjoy the freedom that comes with not being tied to a permanent position, temporary jobs in the capital have always been in demand. Applicants have usually been able to take their pick of temp work in London too. Has that all changed?

Types of temporary jobs in London

With London being such a vibrant global capital, there’s a long history of temporary work. It’s typically been within two main sectors: business services and hospitality.

Unfortunately, hospitality has been hit incredibly hard by the pandemic. But, given modern technology, many service-based businesses have been able to move their employees to homeworking and maintain some semblance of “business as usual”. These include financial services, law firms, marketing houses, insurance, and more. All need office support.

These office support roles are often available on a temporary basis. Whilst some office support staff will be permanent, the business can be flexible according to their needs by using temporary staff.

The Covid-19 impact on temping in London

As service-based businesses get going again, they’re calling on recruitment agencies like Love Success to find more temporary staff. Businesses can use temps to meet their current needs without the long-term commitment. Businesses weathering the Covid-19 situation well, especially those who’ve expanded during lockdown, are increasingly looking for high-calibre office support temps.

Current temping options

As a result, there are various temporary jobs available in London at the moment. These fall into two types: those that can be done virtually — i.e. from home — and those where you’ll need to work in the office.

You can find out about temping jobs that can be done virtually through our Virtual Support service. These roles cover a vast range of areas from standard personal and executive assistants through to customer service and call centre agents, as well as areas such as credit control, accounts, marketing, facilities, IT help desk, and disaster recovery services.

As companies gradually move their operations back onsite, they face a number of recruitment challenges. Changes to make businesses Covid-secure and the loss of staff due to the pressures of the pandemic mean that office support staff are also needed on a temporary basis to work onsite in London.

We’re increasingly being asked to find suitable candidates for a wide range of positions, from HR through to receptionists and customer service.

Temping may be the solution

Even if you haven’t considered temping before, it may be a good solution if you’ve been made redundant or want to leave from your current employer. Find out more about temping through Love Success.


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