How to Choose Your Recruitment Agency: The Employer’s View

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The jobs market is in a strange place at the moment. Perhaps more than ever, employers can feel overwhelmed when it comes to selecting which recruitment agency to use. Recruitment can be stressful for businesses, but here we explain how employers can face this daunting time with confidence, and be sure of choosing the right London recruitment agency for their needs. Here are our top tips:

How should employers choose their London recruitment agency?

  1. Go specialist

    We at Love Success are a specialist office support jobs and PA recruitment agency. There’s a reason we specialise and a reason why you should choose a specialist for your recruitment. A specialist agency will know and understand your niche, the nature of the roles involved, and have access to the best candidates. When a vacancy comes up, look for specialised recruitment agencies in your area. Their knowledge of skills required will prove invaluable. Ask how experienced the consultants are too.

    Additionally, you may find such agencies go further when operating in a set niche. For example, at Love Success, we offer free training and assessment for our candidates including temps. Click the link on our homepage to download our PDF and find out more.

  2. Check out how they’ve helped others

    Chat to a prospective agency and ask about how they’ve helped clients like you. They’ll likely have reviews and testimonials to share, giving you an indication of their suitability and offer credibility. While you’re there, don’t be shy in asking about any awards they may have. Award-winning agencies push themselves for their clients and have won awards because they get outstanding results.

  3. Consider their standing and values

    Learn a little about different recruitment agencies in London through their About Us page. Do their values match yours? Does their process sound good to you? Do they work hard to help candidates as well as get feet through the employer’s door?

  4. Check out their social media

    Social media can tell you a lot about any potential partner. Take a look at our Facebook page as an example. You should be able to get a sense of how active and involved an agency is through its social media accounts. Do they post regularly, offering value to clients and candidates alike? Consider the advice and support they offer.

  5. What’s their turnover like?

If you’re choosing a recruitment agency for your business, isn’t it important to partner with a business that’s getting it right themselves? See if you can find out how well they do at holding onto their own staff and how invested their consultants are in the business. At Love Success, for example, we have a very low staff turnover rate of just 3%. Furthermore, all of our executive consultants are shareholders, meaning they’re highly invested in how we perform.

At Love Success, we’re specialists who are committed to businesses. Find out more about why we’re the London recruitment agency of choice for clients. Additionally, we’re always happy to chat through your options. We’re honest, insightful, experienced, and always happy to have a non-obligation chat, allowing you to find out more about how we can help. You can also arrange for a personalised pitch.


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