How Have You Found Temporary Jobs in London during Covid?

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We’ve been chatting to some of our candidates about how they’ve found temporary jobs in London during Covid. Although restrictions are easing, many of the same challenges around temping in London remain. We thought it would be helpful for you to know how others have successfully secured temp roles so that you can too.

The long-term temp

Justina is one of our long-term temps. It’s her way of life, fitting in around a love of travelling. She told us, “When it became obvious that travel restrictions were going to make holidays impossible, I knew I needed to turn my attention to worthwhile temporary roles. I’ve been temping in London for eight years and wanted to use this time sensibly. My consultant at Love Success recommended I move over to their virtual service. I’ve been offering virtual admin support since about three weeks into lockdown. I’ve worked primarily in customer service but have also worked as a PA to a business owner who was struggling to work from home. I’ve boosted my travel savings considerably!”

Our virtual support service is here to stay. It’s a great way of securing temporary jobs in London.

On furlough

Ben was put on furlough at the beginning of lockdown and has only recently gone back to work part time. “I wasn’t too worried about money as the furlough scheme helped with that,” he said. “But I’m not very good at doing nothing. I wanted to work. My employer was fine with me doing some temporary work. I didn’t want to do any of the usual temping jobs — they were all out of the equation anyway. I didn’t know where to look though. I found Love Success and they secured me a role temping in London for a business that needed cover for employees who had young children and simply couldn’t work from home effectively. So I worked from home in an administrator-type role. I really enjoyed it.”


“Unfortunately, my employer went bust in May and we were all made redundant,” Eloise told us. “It was a nerve-wracking time, but financially I needed to find something quickly. Most employers had paused their recruitment. I spoke to Love Success and they suggested I looked for temp roles while also looking for a more long-term solution. I’m so glad I did. I used the virtual support service and was one of several temps who formed a new customer service centre. I’ve had a couple of interviews for permanent positions too, but I feel the pressure is off for the moment.”

Getting experience

Oliver is a recent graduate. He’s had yet another different experience of finding temporary jobs in London. “I had planned to finish uni and head straight into the graduate scheme I’d secured,” he explained. “With Covid-19, that was retracted and I was left with nothing. I was despairing when I should have been celebrating the start of my career. A friend recommended I consider temping. It’s boosted my confidence and helped me to gain some skills. I now feel hopeful that I’ll be ahead of the game when it comes to being able to look at graduate schemes again — unlike some peers who just kicked back and sunbathed for four months!”

How we can help

There are various temporary jobs in London, both virtual and in-person, available within the office support niche. We can help you find the right temporary role for you, whether it’s a short-term solution or something you envisage doing for a while. Call us on 0207 7870 7177.


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