How Can a Virtual Assistant Make You Money?

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Normally when considering hiring a PA, your first concern will be whether they can save you time. It’s a huge benefit, and if you’re lucky, a candidate might explain how they can offer value and save you money. But did you know that a virtual assistant can actually help you make money too? Through the virtual service at our PA recruitment agency, we see it all the time.

  1. Longer hours with fewer hours

    Do you wish you had the energy to offer the same service for longer hours? It’s impossible for you alone, but with a VA, you can. By simply putting your VA in charge during set hours outside yours, you can offer longer hours than your competitors. A VA offers more flexibility than someone temping in-house. They can work slightly unusual hours as they’re paid by the hour and are remote — they could even be in a different time zone. You can therefore help more customers and clients, meaning more money.

  2. It costs less

    Having an employee in-house costs you money on top of their wages; you’ve got to kit them out, for instance. When you choose a VA through our PA recruitment agency, you only pay the hourly rate, meaning no outlay for tech, etc.

  3. They can save you money

    What’s more, a VA can do all those annoying admin tasks that actually save money. They can shop around for cheaper deals and tariffs, for example. They can also look into cost-saving exercises that could amount to sizeable sums.

  4. They can play the relationship game

    It’s much harder to secure new customers and clients than it is to keep existing ones happy. But keeping clients happy takes time that you probably don’t have. A VA can spend some time looking after each client and nurturing the business relationship with them, meaning the client spends more. They can also check in with clients who’ve gone quiet and entice them back.

  5. Cross-selling and upselling

    You’ve done the hard work of making the major sale. The VA can now leverage that relationship to take the customer on a longer journey. Whether they nudge the customer for a testimonial or sell them an additional service, this is an important facet you probably don’t have time for.

  6. Social media management

    Social media management is an unwieldy task and not many business owners have the time to do it effectively. A VA can put in the time needed to tame the social media beast. From uploading website changes to posting on different channels, they can help to get you noticed. This will bring in new clients and more money.

  7. They are good at making you look good

    Just like a PA, a VA is your representative. No one even needs to know that they aren’t actually your full-time employee. They can simply be “your PA”. This makes you look successful and success drives success.

  8. Presentation pros

A good VA will take your pitches and presentations and elevate them to a whole new level. They’ll make PowerPoints and the like look fantastic and ensure they work without any errors.

Additionally, VAs are flexible. They do what you need them to do, and they free up your time to do more of what you already do. They can also help you maximise opportunities and drive your business forward. In short, they can help you make money.

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