Have You Lost Your Confidence Since Being Made Redundant?

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Being made redundant is no fun. It can leave you feeling worried and anxious. At first, you may feel overwhelmed with uncertainty... How will you pay your bills? Will you find another job? Many post-redundancy candidates at our London recruitment agency then start feeling the blues. All the worries melt together and the result is a loss of self-confidence.

Yet when you’re approaching job interviews and the prospect of a new employer, what you need by is confidence by the bucket-load. If it’s missing, it’ll be a harder road. So how can you regain your confidence in the face of redundancy and turn this time into an opportunity for growth and better things? Is that even possible?

The platitudes of redundancy

Whichever which way you look at it, redundancy is a funny old situation. Friends will tell you that “it’s the role that was made redundant, not you”. That’s true, but it takes a hardy soul not to question why it was them and not their colleague, especially if performance criteria were used to make the decision.

But many of the platitudes of redundancy are true. You haven’t been fired; you were doing okay. Redundancy is more about the employer than you. So it’s time to look at some steps to help you move on.

  1. Shake off or fake off the blues

    If you’re a water-off-a-duck’s-back type, then stop thinking about the redundancy and shake off the past. If that doesn’t come easily to you, then fake it. Force yourself to stop thinking about your old employer and the unfairness of it all. Fake it ‘til you make it.

  2. Take care of the practicalities

    It’s hard to be positive when you’ve got genuine money worries. There is plenty of temp work in London if you know where to look, and that can help you bring in the pennies and remind you there’s life after your old employer.

  3. Get perspective

    Things may seem tough now, but it won’t last forever. Things will turn around, even if the news is telling you that now’s a bad time to be on the job hunt. Again, temping can bring perspective while you figure out your next steps.

  4. Set some goals

    At our London recruitment agency, time and again, we see candidates stumbling into any old role post-redundancy because they’re scared. Bad move! This is a wonderful opportunity to reflect and think about what you actually want. It’s much harder to set such goals when you’re in the comfort zone of secure employment. Take advantage and set yourself some career goals. Then figure out a plan for how to achieve them.

  5. Boost your skills

If you’ve been with the same employer for a while, you may not feel skilled enough to go somewhere new. This could be at the root of your lack of confidence. Embrace some training opportunities and gain confidence through learning new things. We offer free software training to candidates, so why not start with us?

Lastly, look forwards. Redundancy isn’t the end; it’s a break in the journey. One day, you may even look back and realise this was the opportunity you were looking for. By getting stuck into a new job search, you can realise your self-worth and regain your confidence. We have a range of office support and PA jobs in London available and your consultant will be your cheerleader. Register today.

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