Hate Your Job but Worried It’s a Bad Time to Leave?

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Recruitment agencies seem to be delighting in the number of people trapped in the wrong job at the moment. We’re not like that. We can’t tell you when to leave your job. Nor can we predict what will happen to the economy, or how it will impact you. What we can tell you is what we’re seeing amongst office support jobs in London. We can also reassure you that there are options.

Staying in a job you hate

Staying in a job you hate is miserable and can be detrimental to your mental and physical wellbeing. Depending on your individual circumstances, you may feel trapped because of finances or a perceived lack of other opportunities. As humans, we’re also quite resistant to change — and we’ve all had to do to a lot of adapting lately. Sometimes, it’s a natural instinct to hunker down and simply keep going, no matter how bad things get. But it’s really not easy and it’s definitely demoralising. Above all, it’s not necessary, even if your inclination is to stay put while the economy is unstable.

Knowing it’s time to leave

If you’ve reached the point where you feel anxious, physically sick, or utterly depressed at the thought of work, don’t despair. It may not be the easiest time for masses of people to change jobs, but there are opportunities out there. When it comes to office support jobs in London, certain niches are in high demand (e.g. customer service) and it’s possible to find the next opportunity safely and securely. General office roles do come up fairly regularly, and it may end up being the right move for you. There are other options too. A temporary job means you can continue working, and building your skills and career-base, while you look for something else. Temping in London is more secure than it used to be, with entitlements such as holiday pay. It can be a good way to quickly move away from the job you hate.

How to decide if now is the right time to leave

It’s important that you consider the wider jobs market whenever you’re thinking of making a change. But look at recruitment agencies in London too as you’ll discover that employers are hiring. Talking to a recruitment consultant might help. You can call us on 020 7870 7177 for a chat about your options. What you’ll find is that you have choice. You can continue working in your current role until you’ve secured something new, but you’ll feel better simply because you’re doing something about it. And if where you work now is truly unbearable, then we can show you what temporary jobs in London are available immediately. Don’t feel stuck. You do have choices. And you don’t need to stay in a job you hate, even now.


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