Will I Be Made Redundant When Furlough Ends?

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If you're currently furloughed and have heard the news about job losses, then you might be understandably worried about being made redundant. It doesn't help when some struggling recruitment agencies who are worried about their future give the impression that jobs are scarce and you need them — right now. While some recruitment agencies are sowing the seed that those on furlough are effectively sitting on Work Death Row, it’s simply not true, and as London's leading office support recruitment agency, we're here to give you the honest truth about furlough and redundancy. No scare-mongering.

The situation for employers

Under the Guidance Notes of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, employers can still make employees redundant, although the scheme is designed to prevent this as much as possible. With the latest data revealing that 600,000 jobs have been lost during lockdown, it’s not surprising that those on furlough may be feeling worried.

However, you need to drill a little further down into the data to get a clearer picture for those who work in office roles. The majority of furloughed workers are in specific sectors such as leisure and hospitality, retail, construction, manufacturing, and retail. Many of these employers may have little choice but to consider redundancy as their industries are being highly impacted.

Employers of those doing office support jobs in London are, generally, reporting a different story. Generally speaking, office workers are the most suited to working from home. While government advice remains to work from home where possible, with allowances being made to safely return to work, these businesses are more likely to have been able to avoid furloughing staff in the first place. Where they have used the furlough scheme, most are looking forward to welcoming the majority of their furloughed staff back into the office at some point before the scheme ends in October, albeit with some changes to normal practice.

So are redundancies for office workers out of the question?

Unfortunately, no—there will be some redundancies. However, it’s not a given, especially for those in office support jobs in London.

Even if an employer is considering making an employee redundant when furlough ends, time is still on the employee’s side. Employers must still follow employment laws, which includes following a clear redundancy process involving consultation. Furlough is not an excuse for employers to avoid a fair redundancy process. The result is that even those who may be made redundant as furlough ends will have time to make plans.

Looking for a new job following redundancy

Should you be made redundant, then don’t panic. You could be eligible for statutory redundancy pay, and your employer may offer an enhanced redundancy package.

You should then target a London recruitment agency who specialise in your niche. For example, at Love Success, we specialise in office support jobs in London in areas such as accounting and finance, marketing, and HR.

Dust off your CV and start applying for new roles as soon as your employer gives you notice of being “at-risk” of redundancy. This will ensure that you’re ready to take advantage of opportunities as they arise, and help you feel prepared for whatever happens.


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