What Temporary Jobs in London Are Available Now?

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We’ve had a great deal of interest about temporary jobs in London recently. There are various reasons why. Some candidates are looking to change career, especially if they work in hospitality or travel. Others are looking for something to fill their time and keep their skills polished while on furlough. Many recruitment agencies in London are advertising temp work at the moment, but what can you expect from these roles? We strongly recommend choosing an agency that specialises in the sector(s) you’re looking at. For example, we specialise in office support jobs in London, so we’re no good if you’re looking for bar work! However, it’s important that you know which areas are looking for temps.


There’s a growing demand for temps to fill administrative and office support roles. At the moment, these are in demand across various sectors including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, supply chains, and general office support. We’ve had requests for temps to help navigate the changing needs of the business. Employers are typically looking for confident and organised individuals who already have office support experience. They need you to have good computer literacy and may expect you to work from home or in an office.

Human Resources

With all of the changes to workplaces because of Covid-19, homeworking, and a greater demand for employment law support, we’ve seen an increase in vacancies in HR from administrator level up to manager. We’ve also specifically been asked to find temporary HR managers to undertake change management and manage redundancies.

Accounting and finance

At the moment, many businesses are experiencing notable changes to how they operate and the type of skills they need on board. Within accounting and finance, we’re seeing a greater demand for those with skills in areas such as debt management and credit restructuring. Additional payroll support is needed by many who are effecting complex changes due to using the flexible furlough scheme.


With many businesses adapting in order to survive and thrive in a more virtual world, marketing is being ramped up. Marketers at all levels, particularly those with experience in digital marketing, are being recruited to take on temporary assignments. This offers flexibility to employers who may feel uncertain about taking on permanent employees at the moment.

Temping in London

Temporary jobs offer businesses the flexibility they need to get the skills they require, without worrying about long-term commitment. For the candidate, they offer the chance to gain skills and experience in a particular area, as well as offering flexibility that may be beneficial at the moment. Many temporary jobs in London are available to be filled remotely, others require you to be on-site. Talk to a recruitment consultant on 020 7870 7177 about potential temporary jobs in your sector, and what would suit your current situation and skills.


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