Why PA Jobs Can Be Done So Well Remotely

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The past few years have seen the rise of the Virtual Assistant. One simple reason why is that the role of the PA lends itself to remote working. As soon as lockdown came, our PA recruitment agency quickly offered a Virtual Support Service to our clients, helping them to find both permanent and temporary staff willing to work remotely. It’s popular, and it works. We’ll explain why.

The nature of PA jobs in London

It’s easy to assume that a PA needs to be on-site to be effective. In some ways, that’s true, especially when it comes to traditional ways of working such as in-person board meetings. However, when you break down the role of the PA, much of it lends itself to being done anywhere and at any time. Let’s look at some of the core duties and responsibilities of a PA and how they are ideal for remote work.

  • Correspondence: A PA acts as a conduit of correspondence on behalf of their executive; they may be the central point of contact. However, this correspondence is mostly in the form of email and telephone calls. Nothing stops these being handled virtually.
  • Diary management: PAs manage the schedule for their executives, making appointments and plans as needed. Most will use an application to do this, such as Google Calendar or other shareable apps. These can be accessed, updated, and used whenever and wherever. Gone are the days of a physical diary on the PA’s desk.
  • Meeting facilitation: Most typical office-based meetings are currently taking place virtually. The PA can still make the necessary arrangements by booking attendees, preparing agendas, and sharing video conferencing log-in details with everyone. They can also virtually attend, like everyone else, and take minutes as needed.
  • Travel arrangements: PAs book the travel arrangements for executives. Obviously, these are all on hold for the moment, but even when they aren’t, they simply require internet access and a phone!
  • Administration: As long as a PA has the right technology and software on their laptop, they will still be able to undertake the main administrative tasks required of them. From putting together PowerPoint presentations and managing expenses to typing up reports, most can be done without being in the office.

From PA to VA

Some elements of the role are harder to do virtually. It’s impossible, for example, to physically set up a meeting room or attend an event. However, at the moment these things aren’t needed. Even once we can return to the office, the vast majority of a PA’s tasks can be done remotely.

To benefit from virtual PA or office support, use our Virtual Support Service. Run by one of London’s leading PA recruitment agencies, you can be sure of securing the best talent, whether for temp work or a more permanent virtual PA role.


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