Time-Consuming Admin Jobs Ideal for Outsourcing to a VA

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 As a recruitment agency in the heart of London, we’re familiar with businesses using temporary workers to complete ad hoc admin tasks. For example, we may be called to find someone who can implement a new filing system or write up some time-specific reports.

However, what many businesses don’t realise is that it’s also possible to outsource many of these tasks to a Virtual Assistant (VA) or virtual office support worker. You can either use virtual admin support services like a temp, or you can engage them on a regular basis for regular tasks.

Using a virtual admin service isn’t just useful because of coronavirus and its implications. It’s also a cost-effective way of cherry-picking which jobs to hand over without the commitment of an employee. So what tasks are best suited to outsourcing?

Inbox management

If your inbox is more like a quagmire than a useful tool, outsourcing will make things much easier. A VA can reply to repetitive messages, clear out spam, remove you from unwanted marketing lists, create autoresponders, make bookings, respond to basic enquiries, filter emails by importance, send follow-up emails, and more.

Meeting management

Meetings mean a lot of admin. Even virtual meetings need to be arranged and booked, agendas need to be typed up and distributed, and minutes need to be taken. With VA support, you can focus on the content of the meeting and not the time-consuming admin.

Phone management

If you struggle to get more than five minutes into a task before the phone rings again, then you’ll benefit enormously from having someone else take your calls. With simple technology, a VA can answer and direct your calls appropriately. They can take the actions many of the calls are enquiring about, and when they can’t, they’ll put the call through to you. It means you don’t waste time fielding calls that can be easily managed by someone else.

File management

With the wonders of cloud software such as Google Drive and Dropbox, your electronic files can be managed. If they’ve got in a mess, or you simply need a better online filing system, an experienced VA will make short work of things. You’ll be back to being able to find things easily and feeling organised and secure.

Database management

Databases are necessary for most businesses. Designed to organise information and save time processing it, they can often become time-consuming tasks themselves. Data entry, updating databases, running reports, and more can be sent to a VA. 


If you need to research a new supplier, facts for a report, or information for a newsletter, researching takes time. Send your requirements to a VA and they do the legwork for you.


In modern businesses, transcription is needed for many things. You may need the transcript of a podcast, webinar, audio, or video. Unless you’re a skilled typist with time to spare, this will eat into more productive endeavours. The same skills are useful for writing up reports or notes.

Social media management

Being active on social media is essential to businesses but very time-consuming. A VA can comment on blogs and posts, manage your social accounts, publish blogs following instructions, or even join in discussion forums on your behalf.

A whole range of admin tasks

VAs can take on a huge range of administrative tasks. If it takes you time and it’s admin based, they can probably help. If you’ve got a task that needs doing, get in touch with our Virtual Assistant and Office Support service.


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