Are There Still Temp Jobs Available in London?

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Many of the capital’s recruitment agencies have given the impression that temporary jobs in London have completely dried up due to Covid-19 and lockdown. In reality, there are still temp opportunities for those creative enough to find them. While the jobs market might not be back up and running fully for a while, there are temp jobs on offer if you're willing to work differently.

It’s temping, but not as you know it

Understandably, businesses who’d typically recruit temp staff through an agency have had to take a different route. Many London businesses have had to furlough staff and pare their functions down to the bare minimum. This means it’s been a tough time for those who make a living from temping in London. Many can’t easily work from home, having not built up a relationship with an employer ‘in person’.

However, as our virtual support service has shown, it’s still possible for London businesses to undertake temping assignments. The beauty of such temping roles is that they’re designed to be undertaken ‘virtually’, meaning you can be an office temp whilst staying at home.

Temping in London from home

To work virtually as a temp, you’ll need certain resources and skills.

You’ll need your own laptop and a good internet connection. Most virtual support roles will involve tasks like preparing documents, organising cloud files, or entering data on cloud-based databases. Some employers will send any additional resources you may need.

Skill-wise, you’ll need to be literate in packages such as MS Office but also have a range of soft skills. These include resourcefulness, self-motivation, and integrity. You’ll need to be able to think creatively about problem-solving and how to communicate effectively with your client. The latter is particularly important as you won’t have the benefit of a pre-existing relationship.

What do these temp jobs involve?

Such virtual assignments are varied in nature. Some are straight-forward, one-off, project-based pieces. You’ll be given a specific task and asked to complete it. This may take a few hours or a few days. For example, an employer may need you to call all of their employees to gain data about returning to work.

Alternatively, you may be used in much the same way as a regular temp: working for the employer for a set number of hours a week and perhaps given varied admin tasks. For example, you may work as a temporary PA or a temporary Data Entry Clerk.

Be flexible and proactive

There’s no need to wait to start temping in London again; you just need to think about how it’s possible now. You’ll then not only be able to keep some income coming in but also build your skills, ensuring you’re well-positioned for when normal office work resumes.


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