Which Businesses Are Recruiting Office Support Workers during Coronavirus?

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While it might seem like all jobs are on hold, some businesses are faring well and recruiting during the coronavirus crisis, as reported by the Guardian. As a PA recruitment agency, we can vouch that there’s a notable call for virtual PA (or VA) jobs. We’ve also seen a call for candidates for office support jobs in London within specific industries. Recruitment is still happening, albeit with some changes (such as video interviews and remote working), and for that reason we’ve stayed open (working remotely) and even extended our services.

The major industries recruiting during coronavirus

In any economically challenging times, there are winners and losers. While many of those who are struggling are being cushioned by the Business Support available from the government, other businesses are thriving. Understandably, these fall within key industries.

You’re probably aware that certain industries are looking for additional workers. For example, supermarkets and food delivery, logistics and the supply chain, medical and health services. These sectors have all hit the headlines with their need for more workers. However, many people don’t realise that as well as the obvious job types in these sectors, greater employee numbers and business scope means a greater need for office support. From payroll staff to customer service, many of these industries are recruiting beyond their ‘key workers’.

Other sectors that are recruiting

There are other sectors that are also recruiting more staff. Digital businesses are faring reasonably well, particularly online retailers, pharmacies, educational providers, and entertainment services. Other industries will likely also have additional needs for administrative support. For example, banks and law firms (particularly those dealing with insolvency). These office support jobs in London are generally to be performed remotely for the time being.

The need for temporary support

Some of these businesses are looking to hire on a permanent basis. However, it’s understandable that many are looking to temporary jobs in London for now. At Love Success, we’ve always viewed temp working on an equal footing to permanent roles, and temp work offers many benefits. It’s often a route into longer term opportunities, and it’s an excellent way of boosting your skills and career prospects.

As well as needing temporary virtual office support, many employers need ad hoc virtual support right now. With employers working remotely, virtual PAs (Vas) and office workers are needed to support them. Because of this, we’ve set up a Virtual Support Service, where we’re recruiting for virtual PA jobs in London and other administrative and office support roles. This way, we can match the right skills with the right position, despite us all working in unusual times.


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