Top Tips for Structuring Your Day When Working from Home

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We’ve been chatting with many of London’s PAs, who are now working from home, about how they structure their day to maximise effectiveness. Like many recruitment agencies in London, we’re also working from home. We asked some of our office staff how they’re organising their day.

Start on time

“Get up at the same time every day and start work at a good time,” recommends Louise. “It makes such a difference if you make the most of the day and don’t gradually push work later and later.”

We agree. Even if your employer is happy for you to be flexible with your hours, try to keep them quite fixed. It gives you clear markers for your day.

Get in touch

“I always start the day with a call to my boss,” says Thomas. “That way, I feel fired up, focused, and like I’ve had some human connection. I live alone, so it’s a good way to combat isolation too.”

AJ does something similar.  “We have different virtual team meetings set throughout the week,” she explains. “Knowing when they’re coming means we have a clear structure to work around.”

Make lists and plans

Faye, a PA to several executives, told us “My love of lists is even more important than ever! I’ve got lots of lists and written-down plans. That way, I can see what I’m hoping to do and when. It’s keeping me on track with deadlines and helping me to feel motivated.”

Take breaks

“I kept getting so sluggish in the afternoon,” James says. “Then I realised that, unlike in the office, I’m just stuck in one place. I now make sure to get up and move around the house every hour or so. If I’m on a phone call, I’ll stand up and wander around. It’s making me much more productive and less sleepy in the afternoon!”

Ring fence work time

“To begin with I thought I’d have to work and manage my two young children,” explains Emma. “I tried, but it was honestly impossible to be fair to work or the kids. So now I do three hours in the morning whilst my partner has the kids, then I have the kids in the afternoon before working again in the evening. We each know when we’re the ‘parent’ and when we’re the ‘employee’. It’s a juggle, but we’re now much more productive.”

Know when to use Do Not Disturb

Jessica found that, with different virtual communications methods, she was being constantly interrupted and getting little done. “When I’m working on a particular task that requires my attention, I send a message out to my team and ask not to be disturbed during that time,” she says. “To begin with, there were too many messages coming in and distracting me. This now works better. I can go back and check my messages once I’ve actually completed the task.”

Structure helps!

As London’s PAs know, structure makes working days far more efficient and productive. This same concept applies when working from home.


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