Lockdown Lowdown: How Londoners are Managing — Redundancies

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In the first two parts of our Lockdown Lowdown series, we’ve looked at how many Londoners are using homeworking to continue working and how furlough can be a positive opportunity. Unfortunately, not all employers can manage the cash flow problems arising from lockdown — some were already in a precarious position. At our London recruitment agency, we know there are many employees in these businesses facing redundancy.

It’s understandable to feel that this one of the worst times to be facing redundancy. However, we’re seeing that it’s not all bad, particularly for office support jobs in London.

Redundancies in London due to coronavirus

Firstly, it’s important to remember the government has advised employers that redundancies should be a last resort. In the first instance, they’re encouraged to make use of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. This involves furloughing employees on 80% of their salary (or up to £2,500) plus employer NI contributions and basic pension contributions. The employer pays this in the first instance and will then be able to claim it back from the government.

Despite the attention this scheme has received, not all employers are aware of it. If you feel it’s for you, then it’s not too late.

The scheme has a ‘backtrack’ option for those who’ve already been made redundant. Employers can bring such employees back on board, Are you a London office worker who’s been made redundant due to coronavirus.  If so, read the latest in our series on how London is responding to lockdown, and find out what your options are.then furlough them. The important date is 28th February. If you were employed on that date, your employer is allowed to rehire you, with the express purpose of using furlough. It can be worth highlighting this to your employer if necessary.

If redundancy is the only option

For some of London’s office support workers, redundancy is unfortunately the only option. However, we can assure you there are still positives to be found.

Despite lockdown, recruitment hasn’t completely stagnated. We’re still open as usual and have employers seeking new recruits right now.  There’s also a sizeable need for temps in London, particularly within virtual support. For this reason, we’ve set up a dedicated Virtual Support service. These roles are specifically remote, utilising many of the same skills you’ve gained from working in office support jobs in London. These roles will help to boost your CV, making you more likely to secure a permanent job in the future.

Recruitment during coronavirus

There are challenges when looking for a new position in the middle of a lockdown.  But use this time wisely to polish your CV, and get us on board. We’ll ensure that you’re best positioned to take advantage of positions as they become available.


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