How to Boost Your Career While You’re Furloughed

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Being furloughed comes with mixed emotions. Unlike many, you’re still being paid most of your salary. However, the downtime can feel unusual — there’s only so much Netflix you can stand — and you may be worried that you might to need to look for a new role in the near future. Temporary work is tempting but generally not an option, as your contract will usually forbid you from working for another employer while furloughed.

If you’ve been furloughed and are wondering what this means for your career, you’re not alone. The Financial Times reports that around half of all employers have furloughed staff. Thousands of people are asking themselves the same questions as you.

We suggest using this time to focus on ways of boosting your career, ensuring that you’re in the best position for the future, either with your current employer or elsewhere.

  • Polish your CV

    If you can’t remember the last time you looked at your CV, now is a great time to get it out. Look at our top selling points of a CV and make sure yours is up to date and makes the grade. It’s worth looking at your LinkedIn profile too, ensuring that it’s selling you well.

  • Follow competitors

    While times are changing in many industries, it may be worth looking at others in your industry to see how they’re doing and managing the coronavirus situation. This will help you to gauge how your employer is doing, as well as identify potential future employers.

  • Check your contract

    Check your contract and see whether it allows you to do freelancing or other work outside of your contracted hours. If it does, you could consider boosting your experience and income by using our Virtual Support Service for some ad hoc work.

  • Get online and get learning

    Everyone’s in the same boat, and as a result there are lots of virtual events being run, often for free. There are also many different training courses available that can be done remotely. Broadening and deepening your skills will show you’re committed to your career. Udemy is a good place to start exploring things you can learn online.

  • Support the business

You cannot work for your employer when you are furloughed. However, you should still keep in touch and support them. You may not be furloughed for the entire duration of lockdown, and should redundancies have to be made, you’ll have shown yourself to be committed.

Furlough needn’t be a future gap in your CV or a nightmare for your career. With the right mindset and ideas for things to do, it can be an opportunity to boost your future career.


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