How to Work Effectively From Home — Part 1

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Even if you’ve spent your entire working life in offices, working from home can be immensely rewarding and productive. It does, however, require a different approach. With the COVID-19 restrictions, we’ve been asked by many of London’s office support workers, permanent and temporary, how to work effectively from home.

To help answer your questions, we spoke to some of our regular homeworkers to get their advice. They shared so many brilliant ideas that we’ve turned them into a two-part series.

  1. Make the space

    “It’s really important to create a dedicated area in the house where you can work,” Georgia told us. “Don’t set up on the kitchen table every day. By having a clear and specific work zone, you’ll find it easier to focus and find that you can differentiate between your work and home life more easily.”

    Hopefully, your employer has set you up with the equipment you need. If you can’t have a permanent spot in your home, as Georgina suggests, then put everything (laptop, pens, headsets, etc.) into a tub at the end of each day and get it out the next morning.

  2. Go to ‘the office’

    The temptation to roll out of bed and start work in your pyjamas will mean your head isn’t in the right space for work. “Have a morning routine, just like you do when commuting,” Toby advises.

    Stick to your morning routine on workdays and you’ll feel energised and ready for anything.

  3. Don’t be afraid of technology

    Homeworking is most effective when you embrace the wide variety of technology available. Investigate which apps and hardware will make life easier and use them wherever possible.

    “I was trying to manage lots of different tasks, while also fielding phone calls,” Frankie explains. “One morning, I stopped working and asked myself ‘what would make my life easier?’ I ended up getting a hands-free headset and adding a couple more apps to my desktop. It’s amazing how much they’ve improved things!”

  4. Be comfortable

    In the office, someone probably did an ergonomics check on your work area. Even if they didn’t, your workspace will have been set up for prolonged periods sat at a desk with a supportive chair, desk at the correct height, etc.

    “I noticed on the second day of working from home that my back was starting to complain,” Nathan said. “I’d been sat on a dining chair. I nipped into the office and was able to bring a desk chair home. I’m much more comfortable now.”

  5. Keep set hours

There will need to be some flexibility when you work from home. Due to school closures, you may have children to supervise, or other pressures, such as food shopping. However, to maintain productivity, it’s vital that you try to ring-fence your working hours.

Alice revealed, “When I wasn’t strict about my working hours, I found myself doing ridiculously long hours every day because I couldn’t be productive. I’ve now set my work hours, and in that time I don’t do the laundry, childcare, or anything to do with the home.”

See you soon for the second part of our guide to working effectively from home!


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