How to Hold Onto a Fantastic PA

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An exceptional PA is worth their weight in gold. If you’ve ever struggled to find a high-calibre candidate, you’ll know this only too well. Office support roles in London, particularly PA ones, depend on something very unique: the relationship between them and their executive. Finding the right fit can be incredibly tough. As PA recruitment agency, we know this all too well! So if you’ve found a fantastic PA, hold onto them! But how?

Defining ‘the one’

The best PAs have several things in common.  They are proactive and “get” you, anticipating your next steps, concerns, or goals. It’s this insight that enables them to be highly effective. They’re also incredibly dedicated, organised, and skilled individuals, making them highly productive.

Steps to hold on to a great PA

As we know from talking to many PAs at our recruitment agency and through our recent survey, PAs need to feel valued. This can be achieved in the following ways:

  1. Communicate

    One of the greatest frustrations for PAs is working “in the dark”. They can only do their job to a high standard with the right information. An essential part of this is excellent two-way communication. Chat regularly with your PA about the role, requirements, and your issues. Make sure you ask them how they feel, covering any concerns or irritations. You may well be busy — that’s why you need a PA — but schedule this time, as it’s important. In the current circumstances, your PA is likely to be working from home, but this doesn't mean that communicating with them should take a back-seat. It just means you need to communicate with them in different ways to normal.

  2. Demonstrate

    Take care to demonstrate value. In the PA-executive relationship, a feeling of worth is critical. From a simple “thank you” to making sure they have the right equipment, showing that you appreciate your PA’s time, effort, and skill is vital.

  3. Be flexible

    You’re receiving a salary to match immensely flexible working hours. It’s unlikely your PA is in the same position. They’re probably juggling things in their private life to make their hours work around aspects of your role. Acknowledge this and offer flexibility where you can. At the moment, this might be acknowledging that they worked late so you could meet a deadline and giving them the morning off to look after their children during lockdown.

  4. Consider their goals too

Don’t think your PA isn’t ambitious; they have career aspirations too. It’s often a failure to acknowledge this that leads to them moving on, much to the surprise of their employer.  Be sure to learn what’s important to your PA. Utilise their skills fully and consider what further training and experience you can provide. Give them a chance to progress.

Has your PA recently left? If so, we can help you find and hold onto a fantastic PA. Get in touch on 020 7870 7177.


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