Interview Tomorrow? Here’s What You Need to Do Today!

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Congratulations, your interview is tomorrow! We know the nerves are jangling but as all London recruitment agencies can testify, you’re not alone in your pre-interview jitters. So, turn that nervous energy into something positive and do these things today…

  1. Calm down

    The best thing you can do to prepare is to get into a calm frame of mind. Tonight, you’re going to need a good night’s sleep and that’s not going to happen if adrenaline is dancing a merry jig through your system. Use whatever tricks normally help you relax. Not sure what to do? Try mindfulness, a hot bath, reading a book, going for a walk, or wrapping up in a blanket with a nice, soothing cuppa.

  2. Research

    With a calm head, you can now do some positive research. In your interview, it’s important to show that you’re genuinely interested in working for the company and what they do. You don’t need to know everything — asking questions is good — but you do need to know the basics. Head to their website and social media, and do some reading. If you can check out the LinkedIn accounts of who’ll be interviewing you, that will help too.

  3. Think about yourself

    Hopefully, through your research, you will have gathered a reasonable understanding of the business’ culture. You can now use this, in line with the role you’re applying for, to consider how you will fit in. What elements of your own character complement the company culture? How can you demonstrate this in the interview? Recruiters are often more interested in how well you will fit the company rather than skills and know-how, which can generally be taught.

  4. Prepare your outfit

    A simple thing to do to help you feel prepared is to get out your outfit and plan your look. Knowing about the company culture, you’ll have a good idea about what the appropriate attire is for your interview.

  5. Prepare some answers

    You can’t predict all of the questions, nor should you. You’ll need to come across as authentic, and over-preparation can hinder this. But you can prepare some examples of your achievements. Consider times in your career to date when you’ve excelled or overcome problems. Jot down a few notes about these times.

  6. Consider your questions

    Somewhere, usually towards the end of the interview, the interviewer will ask you if you’ve got anything to ask. It’s pretty deflating for them if you mumble “no, not really”! Try to think of some questions that are unlikely to be covered by the interviewer’s questions. These shouldn’t focus solely on you (e.g. “how much will I be paid?”) but look at the wider organisation as well. Good ideas include “please can you tell me about who else is in the team?” or “why do you like working here?” or perhaps “what are the company goals for the next few years?”

  7. Check the route

Don’t assume that you know exactly where you’re going. Check your route on Google Maps and make sure you plan what time you need to leave. Make sure to leave extra time as well, just in case.

You’re all set. You’re going to ace this interview. Believe in yourself and be confident.

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