How to Get an Immediate Job in London

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Job hunting is a long-winded, time-consuming process, right? Wrong! It is possible to find an immediate start job in London, and we can show you how. Not all recruitment agencies in London can arrange immediate start jobs. But at Love Success, this is part of what we do, helping our candidates secure temporary and permanent office support jobs in London.

What types of office support jobs in London are suitable for an immediate start?

It’s true that not all types of roles are ideal for an immediate start. Many recruiters will want to take the time to shortlist and interview a selection of candidates. However, nearly all will happily welcome the successful candidate on board within days of being offered the job. The requirement to work notice is often a frustration they’ll put up with if they have to. But if you’re available to start immediately, it might work in your favour.

Temporary jobs in London are often best-suited for an immediate start, particularly within office support. In fact, many of these roles are specifically looking for someone who can come in quickly and hit the ground running. These temporary London office roles tend to arise due to an urgent situation. For example, a key administrator has called in sick and someone needs to take over their role. We also get calls from employers looking for temps when there’s a sudden rush to prepare a bid or a contract, or when a project has been won.

How do you get an immediate start job?

First off, you need to select from the recruitment agencies in London carefully. Not all of them are ready and able to deal with ‘on the day’ placements. At Love Success, we have a specifically-dedicated function to deal with filling immediate start placements.

Once you’ve selected your London recruitment agency, ensure that they have everything they need. Make sure you’ve spoken to them about your aim for an immediate start and make it easier for them by giving them a clear and up-to-date copy of your CV.


If you’d like to walk into a job today, your best hope is to turn up to our Wait4Work lounge between 8am and 11am, Monday to Friday. When employers call us with a request for an immediate start for an emergency placement, we dispatch the most suitable candidate from our Wait4Work lounge. Being in central London’s Covent Garden, you can be in position and earning within minutes.

While you’re waiting in the lounge, we have hot drinks and breakfast on hand. You can also make use of our computers and work on your CV or apply for our other vacancies.

If you’d like to book into our Wait4Work lounge, please give us a call on 020 7870 7177. We look forward to helping you find immediate start office support jobs in London!


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