How to Find a Job As a PA in London: An Insider’s Guide

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Finding a new job can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. We asked one of the best candidates at our PA recruitment agency for their insider suggestions on how to secure a PA position in London.

What qualifications and background do PAs need?

I have a degree in business administration, but I know many PAs who started straight from school. As long as you’ve got excellent numeracy and literacy skills, as well as the ability to learn computer programmes easily, you’ll be fine. However, experience is really important. You’ll need to have knowledge of office work to be a business PA and be confident with communication, administration, and time management.

How did you find your first PA job?

My very first PA job was a promotion from office administrator. Since then, I’ve found new roles using your PA recruitment agency.

What advice would you give to someone looking for PA jobs in London?

You’ll need a thick skin! It’s not an easy niche to excel in, so choose a specialist PA recruitment agency, like Love Success, and follow their advice. They may well recommend doing other office support jobs in London, or even temping, before going for your first PA role.

I’d also say that all office experience is good experience, so don’t turn down opportunities. Be prepared to go beyond the 9-5 approach and work hard, particularly in the first few years of your career.

Finally, make sure you start each day with a ‘can do’ attitude. You’ll be thrown some curveballs as a PA and you’re often at the mercy of the others’ moods. Be positive, and you’ll find that problem-solving is easier.

What characteristics or attributes make for a good PA?

The most important is initiative. I think that’s why many people don’t start PA roles until they’re a little older. You need some experience to feel confident taking the lead. You’re in a position where you need to take the initiative and can’t always be told exactly what to do. I think another important attribute is social skills, as you’ll need to get on and work well with all sorts of different people. Lastly, I think being an excellent organiser is a really important skill for PAs. If you’re the friend who’s always organising others, then that would be a good start!

When do you know it’s time to find a new PA job in London?

Loyalty and commitment are important as a PA. I generally aim to stay with an employer for a minimum of two years. However, sometimes you’re specifically wanted for a short time. The longest I’ve stayed with one employer is five years, and the shortest is three months. For me, I can tell when I’ve outgrown the role because I get restless and find the work dull. This is unusual for me so that’s when I get in touch with you, my PA recruitment agency!

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