Wellbeing in the Workplace is Essential in London PA Jobs

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Wellbeing in the workplace is something of a buzz phrase. But for those doing PA jobs in London, taking steps to improve your wellbeing in the workplace is essential. As a PA recruitment agency, we know that your role is often not contained within the standard 9-5 and in the process of alleviating stress and pressure on your principal, you can often neglect your own needs getting, resulting in burnout.

Some of these steps may be guided and maintained by the culture and ethos of your employer. However, you also need to take responsibility for your own wellbeing. When you meet your own needs, you’re better positioned to meet the needs of others. So, here are our top suggestions on how to improve your wellbeing when working as a PA:

  1. Nourishment

    At the risk of sounding like your parents, you should remember to eat and drink well during working hours. Busy London PAs can easily end up grabbing convenience food on the go. Long working hours can also mean not having the time to cook and prepare healthy meals. However, choosing healthier options, such as fruit and veg, and drinking plenty of water will help you feel energised and focused, rather than sluggish and stressed.

  2. Fresh air and daylight

    Being around nature has been shown to boost productivity. Working in the capital, you may think this is near-impossible. However, one study found that a fifty-minute walk in a city park will boost your mood, attention to detail, and memory. So try to get out and into one of London’s green spaces before heading back to the office refreshed. Failing that, at least get a plant or two on your desk!

  3. Boundaries, hours, and workloads

    As a professional PA, it’s your job to make life easier for someone else. However, many PAs are natural people-pleasers and perfectionists. Whilst this makes you great at your job, it can be a recipe for burnout if you don’t manage it carefully. Be honest with your boss if the workload is too much, ring-fence your personal time from calls and emails, and use your time management skills to regulate your working hours.

  4. Take time out

    Mindfulness in the workplace brings numerous benefits to the individual and the business. Taking just ten minutes out to go somewhere quiet, practice some mindfulness, and get back in touch with your sense of calm will help the day progress effectively. Try the brilliant Headspace app if you’re new to mindfulness.

  5. Move, move, move

All too often, you’ll be sat at your desk for long periods. However, this can make you feel sleepy, or cause niggling aches and pains. By simply getting up from your desk and walking around, or perhaps stretching, you’ll feel much better. It’s easy and it works.

Working on your own workplace wellbeing is essential not just for your own happiness and productivity, but for the wellbeing of those around you too. If these simple strategies don’t cut the mustard, then it may be time to consider whether the working environment you’re in is right for you. Taking some time out to do temp work in London can help you get back on top of your wellbeing. Get in touch with our PA recruitment agency on 020 7870 7177 and we can help you find a job that nurtures your wellbeing.


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