Temping in London is a great career move

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Temporary jobs in London can build a fabulous career, especially in the PA and office support arena. Here, we reveal the top reasons why temping in London can be a great career move:

  1. Flexibility

    By doing temp work in London, you get exposure to—and experience of—multiple businesses and organisations. If you like variety or simply want to be more in control of your life, then it’s a great option.

    You can also can pick when and where you work with temp jobs. Indeed, you could use temping in London as a way to make cash while focusing on getting something else off the ground.

  2. Experience boosting for your CV

    There’s no faster way to boost the experience section of your CV than long-term temping in London. How many times do you see a role advertised that states experience is necessary? Are you left wondering how to get the relevant experience? Well, temporary opportunities are the answer.

    Employers looking to fill a temporary vacancy are generally more flexible in terms of requirements. They may be willing to recruit based on aptitude and willingness, knowing that if it’s a real disaster, it doesn’t leave them in trouble. This also means that if you prove yourself on the job quickly, you may even see the position moved to a permanent one.

  3. Testing the waters for a career change

    Changing careers is daunting and difficult. There’s no avoiding that. However, it can also be exciting and the corner you need turn.

    By doing temp work in London, you can shift roles or industries much more easily. It’s a way of dipping your toe in the waters of a new career without getting soaking wet. It’s how you can find out whether you’ll actually like it or not.

  4. Temping in London is great for getting to know people

    You know the saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”? Well how do you get to know new people when you’re stuck in one organisation? Or you’re on a very narrow career trajectory? Being a temp will get you meeting others and those connections can prove valuable in the future. This also applies to building a fabulous repertoire of references.

  5. Broadening your knowledge

In office support, your skills can grow stale and narrow when you’re limited to one company. Different organisations use different software, systems, and procedures. By doing a variety of temporary jobs in London, you can broaden your experience and fill any gaps in your knowledge.

If you think that a temporary job in London sounds just the ticket for your career development, then we’d love to hear from you. Submit your CV and let’s get started! You can also email your CV to us at info@lovesuccess.co.uk.


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