How to Rock at Temping in London

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It’s tempting to think of temping in London as being an easy stop-gap option, but temporary jobs in London can actually make an incredibly rewarding career move. So, if you’ve decided to make temp work in London your thing, how do you ensure you rock at it? As a leading London temping recruitment agency, we’ll share our secrets…

  1. Commit

    Yes, really. Commitment is as important to temporary jobs as it is to permanent positions. Whether you’re there for the long haul or covering staff absence, commit wholeheartedly for the time you’re there. You’re still of value and integral to the success of the business. Do what you say you will and do it well.

  2. Communicate

    All office support workers need A-star communication skills. However, temp workers will really excel if their communication with both their agency and employer is on point. Keep people informed, ask the right questions, and keep employers and agencies in the loop.

  3. Dress well

    London temp workers need to repeatedly make a great first impression. Always be smart and presentable and make sure you fit the office dress code. This is especially true if you’re hoping to get temp work on the day.

  4. Focus on relationships

    As a temp, you may think that you don’t need to invest in workplace relationships. The opposite is actually the case: you should be even more invested in building relationships quickly and confidently. The contacts and impressions you make now may pave the way for future opportunities.

  5. Flexibility

    It’s arguable that pretty much every worker in London needs to be flexible. For temps, you can double that requirement. This applies to both the flexibility to take on new roles in different locations at the drop of a hat and your ability to apply your skills in very different settings. The ability to think flexibly and creatively will be a huge benefit.

  6. Positivity

    Temping in the capital isn’t easy. You’ll need to constantly learn new things, systems, and names. A positive attitude will help you to embrace this and thrive in each new environment.

  7. Honesty

Integrity matters when you’re temping. Your reputation as a good temp depends on it. Be transparent with your recruitment consultant about what works for you and what doesn’t. They will then be able to match you to the right roles.

We have a range of temporary jobs in London available now. We also offer a Wait4Work lounge where you can turn up on the day and find work immediately. Now is a fantastic time to be a temp in London and make a career of it. Let our recruitment consultants help you rock temporary roles in London.


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