Conversations with a Brilliant PA: Lisa

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Here at the Love Success PA recruitment agency, we had a cuppa and a chat with Lisa, one of our leading PAs. This is what we found about life as PA in London…

How did your career as a PA start?

I started off temping in London in a number of different roles. I wanted to work in an office environment. I liked some aspects of those jobs but wanted something a bit different. I then worked as a nanny, which turned into a PA-type role. I discovered I loved it and was great at it, so I became a private PA.

How did you get your first full-time PA role?

Back then, the wonderful gang at Love Success hadn’t formed, so I replied to some adverts on job boards. It was really hard work compared to how easy it is for me to find roles now using a dedicated PA recruitment agency,

What types of PA roles have you had?

I’ve mainly stuck to working for private individuals rather than being in an office as PA to a board or something. I’ve worked for authors, celebrities, a chef, and a very wealthy overseas royal!

What do you like about being a private PA?

It’s not all fun, but it really can be brilliantly so. There are some very unusual perks depending on who you’re working for. I also like travelling with my boss and their family — it beats being in an office for me! I also love that I do really different things from one day to the next. Sometimes, what I really love most is working with inspirational successful people — they tend to give off a contagious buzz!

What’s your proudest moment as a PA?

Ooh, too many to choose from. I was mentioned in the acknowledgements of a previous boss’ book – that was pretty cool! Working to relocate a whole family, and doing so smoothly, was really satisfying, especially as one of the children was quite anxious. The things I put in place made it easier for them.

What are some of the challenges you face as a PA?

Being a private PA, it can be difficult to always know what an acceptable request is! I was once asked to attend a parent’s evening on behalf of my employer. I felt like a fish out of water, and it didn’t seem fair on the child or the child’s teachers. But I think I managed it reasonably well. The same employer went on to have a messy break-up, and both parties tried to put me in the middle. That was really draining.

Do you feel valued as a PA?

Yes, I really do. As a private PA, you get to know your employer really well and they get to know you too. If this works, then they really do appreciate you and see the value that you bring.

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