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Today, we had the opportunity to a chat with one of our top London PAs, Charlotte. She’s been on the books of our recruitment agency for several years now in various PA jobs in the city. We wanted to talk to her about her achievements and the challenges of working in London PA jobs.

How did your PA career start?

I worked in the media industry organising events including tours and functions. Part of my role was organising the logistics and practicalities of how everything came together. I discovered I have a real flair for organisation and people management. Over time, I naturally moved towards a more PA-style role and then thought ‘why not make a career of this?’ That’s when I first got in touch with your PA recruitment agency.

What was your first actual PA role?

Love Success placed me in a few different PA jobs around London on a temporary basis. I wanted to get some actual PA experience and so this was ideal. Then, about six months later, I was selected for a permanent position for a HNWI (high-net-worth individual) based in Soho as both their professional and personal PA.

How was this different from the roles you’d done before?

I discovered very quickly that being a PA isn’t just a job; it’s a lifestyle. You have to really care about the life of who you are working for. It doesn’t fit into 9-5 and doesn’t even have a neat job description. You have to be good with your own boundaries and work/life balance.

What makes for a good boss?

Being a PA, you soon find out whether your boss is a good fit for you. It’s a really close working relationship and has to work. I tend to find that, for me, the best bosses are those who respect my skills and professionalism. After all, I’m doing something they can’t do—or don’t have time to do. They speak to me as equals and value my input. I find it difficult working for micromanagers! They don’t benefit from my skills to the same degree.

What is your proudest achievement as a PA?

I was mentioned by a former employer in a television interview they did about how pivotal I had been in their own personal achievement. That was a really proud moment for me.

What difficulties have you faced as a PA?

I’ve found the biggest difficulty to be managing my personal life and not burning out. I had to learn how to set boundaries and protect my own time too. It probably comes from the fact that I am a real perfectionist!

As a PA, do you feel valued?

Again, this comes down to the individual boss and the working environment. There are plenty of PA jobs in London with employers who will value you, so I won’t hang around if I’m not being treated well. I can always go back to my favourite PA recruitment agency!

Thanks to Charlotte for chatting to us. If you’re a PA with Love Success and would like to share your story, please get in touch!


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