A Day in the Life: PA to an international traveller

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Being in a global city, we are often recruiting for PA jobs that involve working for someone who travels regularly. London is a great, central place for any PA. When Alan popped into our London recruitment agency, we took the chance to ask him about a typical day in his life so that we could share it with you. This was his day yesterday:

5 am: I’m up and logged in. My principal is currently working in the Middle East and needs some documents amending and sending over for a meeting he’s currently in. Once I’ve done that, I take the chance to respond to some more emails that will help him out.

6 am: I grab a very leisurely breakfast and coffee. It’s a lovely morning, so I decide to go out for a run. I come back and have a shower, get dressed, and then go back to my laptop. I don’t need to go to the office early today as my boss is aware that I keep very funny hours when he’s away!

9 am: I’ve just spoken to my boss on the phone. He needs a run-through of his diary as the client he’s visiting needs him to stay in Oman for another three days. We discuss what can be cancelled, amended, or moved. I then make sure I get on with making the necessary changes. I call the airline to get his flight changed and sort the online check-in and transfers. I then arrange for some additional clothes and toiletries to be bought and sent to his hotel.

11 am: Most of the morning has been spent sorting out these changed plans. However, now I’m able to actually look in the diary at what needs doing. There’s a media interview coming up, so I pull together some of the relevant data that my boss will need. I also put together some relevant articles in a single document and send it over to my boss to read in preparation. He’s also asked me to look into hiring an administrator to temp in the London office the week after next when he’s got a large client meeting, so I get this sorted.

12.30 pm: My boss calls and goes through some more things that have come up for him. Oman is four hours ahead, so he’s about to clock off for the day. He tells me to get these few things done and then head home myself. Some need to be sorted straight away but some can wait until tomorrow. He’s sounding quite exhausted, so I drop him a quick message about when he can factor in some downtime.

1.30 pm: I head home. On the way, I nip to the dry cleaners to pick up a pile of suits for my boss and take in some others. I go and grab a sandwich, then go to the shops to get myself some groceries and also a birthday card that my boss will need to send the day he gets back.

2.30 pm: I’m home and get to enjoy the afternoon to myself.

5.30 pm: I log in from home to make some travel arrangements for my boss’s next trip. Just four days after he’s back from Oman, he’ll be heading off to Singapore. I check him in online and arrange for some colleagues to send him some information. My boss also told me that his suit carrier has broken, so I order him a new one and put in a claim to the airline. Last but not least, I arrange for an online grocery shop to be delivered to him the evening he’s back from Oman.

6.30 pm: That’s me done for the day. I know tomorrow will likely be another early start!


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