How to Select the Best PA Candidate for You in 2020

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If you’re selecting a new PA for 2020, you may be wondering where to start. In many ways, hiring for PA jobs in London is unlike any other recruitment process. PAs work in close relationships with others, so there are two over-riding priorities to address: their skill set and their personality. As a dedicated PA recruitment agency, we’re familiar with the intricacies of recruiting a PA, so we’ll help you choose the right PA candidate to match these key points.

#1 Skill set requirements

First, the candidate’s skill set needs to work for the role. There’s a big difference between a PA for a board of directors and a PA for a HNWI in the domestic setting. A private household PA’s role differs enormously from office support jobs in London.

Create a clear brief

Your starting point when hiring for PA jobs in London is creating a clear brief. This is true whether you’re looking for a private household PA or one to work in a business environment. To get the right candidate, you need to be clear on your expectations and what the role will entail. By creating a clear brief, you ensure you don’t waste your time. Jot down the tasks that will become the duties of the successful candidate. You can expect certain skills to be simply accepted e.g. travel booking or meeting organisation. Keep these points brief. Expand more on any tasks that are more unique to you, for example, personal errands, specific project management, or travel requirements for the PA themselves.

Get a recruitment agency on board

If you’re unsure what tasks you can include, speak to a PA recruitment agency. At Love Success, we help clients define the brief and duties of the PA. Your PA recruitment agency will be crystal clear on your expectations and will only put forward candidates who match.

#2 Personality match

Secondly, the candidate needs to be the right character fit. They will only be able to succeed as the scaffolding of support if their personality gels with yours. The best PA-executive or PA-principal relationships work not only because the PA is skilled at their job, but also because of the integral relationship itself. This is how a PA truly makes your life easier, often second-guessing what you need.

PA recruitment agency matchmaking

Recruitment in many ways is like a dating agency. It’s all about finding that perfect match between candidates and clients. With PA roles, this is particularly important for us. The ‘fit’ needs to be right between you and your PA, and there needs to be a certain amount of chemistry, though not the romantic kind. That’s why a good PA recruitment agency will match you with the right candidates for you. The interview is particularly useful in finding this match, along with your “gut feeling”.

Get in touch

If you’re looking to fill PA jobs, get professional recruitment help from a PA recruitment agency like us. At Love Success, we support employers looking to fill PA jobs in London. We have access to a vast number of potential candidates. But, more importantly, we’re skilled in helping you find the right match. Give us a call on 020 7870 7177 and we’ll help you find the right person for your PA role.


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