5 Ways to Improve Your Time Management for 2020

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If you've been setting New Year’s Resolutions for 2020 in your office support or PA job in London, one area you may want to improve in is your time management. It’s no secret that time management is an essential skill in these roles. In fact, it’s probably the most important skill you can have as a PA. At our PA recruitment agency, we’ve seen that to excel in these jobs, you need to have some time management tricks up your sleeve. So, here are five ways you can improve your time management this year.

  1. Become a pro at prioritising

    People who are skilled at time management don’t necessarily do any more than anyone else. However, they are experts at prioritising. If you don’t want to over-run, then prioritising is the answer. It’s a common mistake to underestimate how long bigger tasks will take, and put off bigger tasks because small tasks are less daunting or can be done quicker, so avoid these mistakes. There a number of methods you can use to prioritise tasks, such as the bullet journal method or the Eisenhower method.

  2. Think about tomorrow, today

    Spend a little bit of time at the end of each day thinking about tomorrow. Consider everything that was on your to-do list today and what’s coming up on the horizon. Now make your to-do list for tomorrow. Your commute can be an ideal time to do this. If you can’t bear to think about work tomorrow, then you’re probably in the wrong role, so it may be time to move on and register as a candidate.

  3. Delegate!

    Just because you’re the support squad for someone else, this doesn’t mean you can’t get support too. In busy PA jobs in London and fast-paced office support roles, you need to improve your time management by delegating tasks appropriately. So, think about the support structure around you and how best to use it.

  4. Let downtime be downtime

    We’re all more efficient when we get good, genuine downtime. But where we go wrong is wasting moments throughout the day. Do you stand and wait for the kettle to boil or use that time to get the photocopying done or update the receptionist? Think about these little moments throughout the day that you could use more productively. The most obvious area to consider is your commute. For many London workers, this is wasted time. However, use it wisely and you’ll find it helps you manage time more efficiently.

  5. Just start

Procrastination is the enemy of good time management. If you’ve done all of the above and you’re still sat there procrastinating, then just start. Whatever task is at the top of your to-do list, say to yourself that you will just do it for two minutes. You’ll find that it’s human nature not to leave something undone, so once you start, you’ll finish.

In office support roles, you need time management skills because they can add rocket-fuel to your business efficiency. What are your top tips for improving your time management? Let us know in the comments.


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