Insider Insight: What’s Involved in Office Support Jobs in London?

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It’s always best to get information straight from the source, but when it comes to job hunting, that can be tough. The employer is trying to hook you in, so they want you to view their business in the best light. So, how do you really get the low-down on what’s involved in office support jobs in London?

We decided to speak to people in these positions and give you their candid responses. Of course, office support jobs can vary enormously, so we spoke to administrators, HR staff, talent officers, and customer service reps. Together, they paint a detailed picture of what’s involved.


It’s in the title, but this is what shines out of all the responses. It’s all about helping others and in the process, helping the organisation meet its goals.

Shane says: “I always take time to think what would help if I were in their position. It makes me take the initiative, which is really valued by those I am supporting.”

Jo expands: “Admin is often overlooked. However, if you can make the admin efficient, then it makes things easier for everyone and as a result, the whole organisation.”


Central to office support jobs in London is being prepared. You need to be ready to help with procedures and systems, which increase productivity.

Rajesh explains: “My job is to bring order to the chaos. Productivity is increased through preparation. It’s a matter of being highly organised and having good systems in place.”


Those that we interviewed repeatedly mentioned the details. Paying attention to the details means everything runs smoothly.

Anne told us: “My colleagues joke that I have radar eyes and ears, seeing the details in a way they don’t! But it’s necessary. It’s my job to take care of the details so that they can focus on the bigger picture, knowing that the groundwork is in place. I want those I support to take it for granted that I won’t have overlooked anything so they don’t even need to think about it.”


The ability to multi-task seems to be a feature of every office support job, whether as temp worker in London or a permanent role.

Anne also explained: “It’s important to be able to multi-task. Each day has elements of surprise but also a lot of the mundane. But it’s also important to be able to prioritise whilst multi-tasking. You need to be flexible in the way you work so that as priorities shift, you can still get the job done.”


This value is often overlooked, but an office support worker in London must be consistent.

Louise said: “I have to always make sure that every T is crossed and I is dotted. If I don’t, the problem may not show itself today. But it will show another day and potentially cause a bigger problem. It’s my responsibility to make sure I am consistently thorough and consistently follow systems and processes.”

Are you ready for office support jobs?

Other qualities that we uncovered included professionalism, friendliness, speed, and confidence. Browse through our current office support jobs in London and see where your next opportunity lies.


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