How Do You Find a Reliable Temping Agency in London?

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Finding a reliable temping agency in London can be harder than you think. While there are plenty of London recruitment agencies, they weren’t all created equally. Whether you’re looking to find or fill temporary jobs in London, you need an agency that is skilled and experienced with temps and specialises in your niche. So, let’s look at how to find a reliable temping agency whether you’re a candidate or an employer looking to recruit.

Look at their specialisms

Once you’ve found a temping agency in London through an online search, look at the types of temporary jobs they advertise. Are they similar to your requirements? At Love Success, we specialise in office support and personal assistant roles. If you’re looking for PAs or PA jobs, it’s no good looking in the wrong place.

Look at their requirements

Next, take a look at what they require of candidates. In office support jobs, you should expect the candidate to need to demonstrate proficiency in Microsoft Office. At Love Success, we offer free software training to ensure that every candidate matches the client’s basic expectations. Reputable agencies will verify things such as a candidate’s Right to Work and references. They will also conduct a screening interview with the prospective candidate.

Read reviews

The next thing to do is listen to what the grapevine is saying. Personal recommendations are worth a great deal, so check out the temp agency’s website and see whether they have candidate and client testimonials. This will give you a good insight into whether the agency is right for you. These reviews will tell you whether they’re capable of finding you the right candidate fast—or finding you the right job for you.

Get in touch

If you have a shortlist of agencies, do this process for each of them. After checking out all of the agencies, your gut feel should be leading you towards a favourite. So, it’s time to get in touch. A good way to test the water is asking how they handle the legalities of temp work in London. They should have procedures and processes in place to ensure that those temping for more than 12 weeks are treated fairly in terms of equal holiday compared to permanent staff members.

Time to choose

While speaking to the agency, you’ll get a good indication of how professional they are and how urgently they can work for you. At Love Success, we operate a Wait4Work system, ensuring that we always have on-the-day temps available in London, so both candidates and clients can get what they need—fast. The good news is that what makes an agency reliable for employers also makes them reliable for those looking to temp. To find out how the Love Success team can help you as a candidate or employer, get in touch.


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