Could Temping in London for 2020 Be Your Best Career Move Ever?

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With Christmas over and done with, it’s no surprise if your thoughts have moved to the New Year and your career for 2020. But when you think of career moves, you won’t necessarily think of temporary jobs as the answer to career success. The surprising truth is that temping in London can be the gateway to a rewarding and satisfying career. Let’s see why…

New skills by the bucketload

If you stay in one role for a long time, you might be sent on a training course or update here and there. But in reality, you never learn as much as you did in those first few weeks of the role. This is where temping has a major advantage. You start new roles more often, so you get to experience different software, different working environments, and different tasks—boosting your knowledge base. With temp work, you can experience different industries and different roles, absorbing new skills like a sponge. All of this means you expand your ability to apply for and gain future roles.

Time is on your side

Despite employers being fans of one-month and three-month notice periods for their employees to leave, they’re often not as flexible when it comes to the flipside of recruitment. In fact, we regularly get recruitment requests for candidates to start a new role urgently or in a matter of weeks. Temping often means you’re not tied down to long notice periods and can start a new role quickly.

Test the waters

Employers increasingly use temps to ‘test the water’ of whether they want to recruit the person permanently. This is the “suck-it-and-see” approach to recruitment. As such, you will sometimes find the career move you’re looking for as a temporary position that will become permanent in due course. What’s great here is that the employer will often accept a temp who doesn’t have all the skills they need, whereas they wouldn’t if it was a permanent candidate. Then, once the temp is on the ground, proving their ability and learning the required skills, they win the employer over.


Temping really is a great opportunity for networking. When you take temporary jobs in London, you invariably meet a lot of different people, far more so than in a permanent position, and often across different industries. This can help you narrow down your desired area for future career development. Plus, when you’re ready to make the move, you already have some contacts “on the inside”.

Determining your work-life balance

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for Londoners to balance their career aspirations with the work-life balance they want. Often, when it comes to a career move, something has to give. However, temp jobs in London give you the chance to be in the driver’s seat for a while. You can find out what a “reasonable work-life balance” is outside of just one workplace. This can help you determine the right work-life balance going forwards.

Make your next career move

We’re skilled at helping individuals just like you make a move to temping work in London with the overall goal of making an incredibly positive career move. Register with us today and we’ll help you uncover the right temporary role for you to enhance your career—not just for 2020, but for the future.


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