Are You Tough Enough for PA Jobs in London?

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What many recruitment agencies in London overlook is the very distinct and “tough” nature of PA jobs in the city. As a dedicated PA recruitment agency, we know that you need to be tough to be a PA in London. Let’s see why…

No two PA jobs in London are the same

This is a very real fact. You can’t make assumptions about what the role entails. For some jobs, it may be more like a secretarial position, while for others it’s like the role of a project manager. So, if you’re seeking a PA role, don’t just head to any recruitment agency in London. Instead, choose a PA-specific recruitment agency that will have much more information on what the role entails.

In PA jobs in the capital, you’ll quickly discover that you need tenacity and strength of character. It’s often a tough environment to work in, with multiple demands on your time. So what are the qualities of a “tough” PA?


Discretion sounds simple, but it can actually take a huge amount of effort to maintain day-in-day-out. Even when you’re fed up with your boss or are bursting to tell someone about the exciting celebrity you just met, you need to keep quiet. The personal assistants who go the furthest in their career have discretion as a fixed part of their character.


PAs have to be resilient. No option. When chaos is erupting around you, you’re the one that needs to be cool, calm, and collected. More than that, you may find yourself in highly pressured environments where your executive or principal is stressed beyond belief. Yet in those moments, it’s your job to take the flak, run with it, and still be productive.


A good PA will radiate positivity. Even those with the sunniest disposition can find this tough from time to time. However, your positive attitude needs to shine through in everything you do. What’s more, you need to retain a positive outlook, whether you’re making the fiftieth cup of tea for the day or frantically putting together a PowerPoint presentation with minimal warning.


A tough PA is a flexible one. Being a PA simply isn’t the right role for someone who can’t be flexible. One moment, you may be working super late getting ready for an event and another you may be doing personal shopping. There’s a huge amount of variety in the role, but that also means you need to be flexible and prepared for anything.

Do I want to be a PA in London?

It isn’t all doom and gloom though. We know from frequently talking to those actually doing PA roles in the city that it can be immensely rewarding. It’s an exciting career option with a great deal of variety. To find out more about PA jobs on offer, check out our candidate area. You can also give us a call on 020 7870 7177.


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