What’s It Like Working in Office Support Jobs?

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This week, we spoke to Holly who has made a career of office support jobs in London. She started off temping, but is now an office support manager with her own team, many of whom we recruited! She spared us a few minutes when she called to fill her latest vacancy.

What is your background? How did you get into office support?

I graduated from Oxford Brookes with a social science degree. I never quite knew what I wanted to do. I did know that I wanted to live in the capital. So I started out temping in London in office roles. I quickly began to enjoy office support jobs because you always feel like you’re making things smoother and more efficient. Being in London, there’s a real buzz.

How did you get your current role?

I started out here at the administrator level. It was my second permanent job after graduating but I’d done lots of temping by then. While I was there, it was obvious that the business was expanding and their current structure couldn’t manage the change. To begin with, we brought in some extra temps to help with the growing amount of administration. However, as more staff were needed, the management realised they needed to let go of the reins. I was honoured to be promoted to the position. Now I have a team of nine staff who I manage.

Congratulations! What sort of roles do you manage?

I manage three administrators. I’m also responsible for the payroll administrator and the HR officer. Accounts have obviously grown too, so that’s now its own distinct department. Then there are two receptionists and two customer support staff.

What are the responsibilities of the office support function?

We cover so much! We do everything from keeping records in order to dealing with most HR issues. We meet and greet clients through reception but also organise things like conferences, training days, and meetings. Basically, we’re responsible for everything that enables the smooth running of the office, except accounts.

Is the business still growing?

Yes. It’s a really exciting time for us. HR will soon be becoming its own distinct department—as you know at Love Success because I’ve just asked you to help us to recruit a HR manager. Payroll will move with them too. We’ve taken on more fee earners, so we’re looking to recruit two more admin staff. Then the board are now considering getting a PA too.

How do you find your office support staff?

Love Success is by far our favourite of the recruitment agencies in London. They’ve never let us down. Whatever office support jobs in London we’re recruiting for, we’ve always ended up with exactly the right person for the job. It’s great for me as I completely trust Love Success. Whether I need a temp or like now a HR manager, they always come up trumps!

Thank you! Why do you use a recruitment agency?

We are busy, really busy! And to be honest, without a proper HR function, I just don’t have the time or the knowledge to do it easily. I also worry about the legal side of recruitment as it’s not my area of expertise. Using Love Success removes all of that worry. I get excellent CVs, which have already been shortlisted, and guidance.

What sort of person suits office support jobs in London?

You have to be organised and hard-working. It’s no longer a 9-5 role, but we are flexible too. Also, it’s really important that you get on well with others as our success is down to us working brilliantly as a team.

If you’d like to apply to office support jobs in London, or begin temping in London, then we’re here to help.


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