Job Hunting is Emotional! Let's Jump on the Job Hunt Rollercoaster!

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We’ve all been there and we get it: job hunting can be stressful. You can ricochet along a rollercoaster that veers from excitement to anxiety to disappointment faster than you can say ‘CV’. It takes effort and you are intensely invested, whether you’re after temporary jobs in London or looking to further your career with a permanent position. We spoke to some of the candidates recently placed through our London recruitment agency to uncover the rainbow of emotions that are normal during the job-hunting process.


Robert says that his earliest memory of his latest job search is uncertainty:

“I didn’t quite know what I was doing and I hated that. I was constantly asking myself questions such as ‘Is it worth me applying?’ or ‘Should I change my CV?’ It actually got much easier when I got a recruitment agency on board. Then I had someone who was also invested in my job search to bounce ideas off and provide experienced guidance.”


Rupinder was seeking permanent office support jobs in London. However, with Brexit on the horizon making employers hedge their bets, she found it frustrating:

“I knew that Brexit would make things harder. However, I was adamant that it was time for me to move on. I found it so frustrating hearing over and over that Brexit was affecting hiring decisions. I listened to my Love Success consultant and changed my focus to temporary jobs in London. I learned that this was equally good for my career and meant that my frustrations at the job market, which were out of my control, wouldn’t hold me back.”


Blake was made redundant in the New Year and therefore had no choice over moving on. To begin with, he struggled with the lack of structure to his day and “hours wasted surfing job sites”. He came to us and could do job search, applications, and preparations onsite with the support of our consultants. He says:

“It really changed my job search into something more positive. First of all I was there, onsite, like I would be as an employee. If temporary jobs in London came up needing someone that day, then I was ready to go. Plus the facilities and company motivated me. It didn’t last long though as within two weeks it had been so successful I was in a new job!”


Unfortunately, nerves are part of the game of recruitment for a candidate. If you really want the role, then it’s understandable that the butterflies will start dancing in your stomach before the interview! That’s before the nerve-wracking post-interview wait to see whether you were successful.

Alice says: “I used to not be able to sleep or eat before interviews. My Love Success consultant spent some time going through my CV and asking me likely questions. We practiced together. It made such a difference to my anxiety levels as I felt prepared.”


There’s nothing quite like being told you’ve got the job. We consider it a privilege to be the ones to deliver the news that a candidate has been successful. We care about our candidates and know how invested they are in the job search process, so being the bearers of good news is wonderful.

Browse through our latest available jobs and get in touch as we’d be honoured to be there, in your corner, as you navigate the emotions of the job search.


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