How to Resign in the Right Way: Top Tips on Handing in Your Notice

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Did you know that you can hinder your future prospects, even after many years of loyal service, if you make a hash of resigning? When you work in PA jobs in London, you need to bear in mind that it’s a surprisingly small world. So, how do you resign graciously to secure your pick of office support jobs in London in the future? As a PA recruitment agency, we’re often asked about the best way to resign, so we’ll share our top resignation tips with you.

Think first

First, consider whether you’re sure about leaving the company. Do you really want to leave or are you hoping they’ll offer you something to entice you stay? It’s rarely sensible to use resignation as a bargaining chip—unless you’re absolutely certain that you’ll happily walk away from your job if they don’t meet your demands. Think about how you will respond to counteroffers. Be wary and don’t be swayed by money alone.

Avoid snap decisions

Likewise, it’s never a great idea to resign in the heat of an issue, following a disagreement, or because your boss has frustrated you. You need to plan and make the right decision for you during a calm moment. There are good and bad ways of handling resignation. Get it right and you’ll leave on good terms with a glowing reference, even if the company are sad to see you go. Get it wrong and at best you’ll have an awkward notice period and a potentially poor reference.

Bag the job first

Although it’s tempting to quit if you don’t enjoy your job, we always recommend having the next job offer on the table before you resign. There’s a lot of competition between candidates for top London PA jobs, and those already working in a PA role are seen as a more enticing prospect. If you haven’t got a job offer yet, get in touch with our PA recruitment agency and we’ll help you secure one.

The resignation process

Assuming you have the job offer in the bag, look at your contract of employment for information on how you’re expected to resign. Specifically look for information about your notice period. Consult your calendar to figure out the right day to hand in your notice. This may involve discussion with your future employer or your recruitment agency to work out an appropriate start date for your new role. Then, it’s best practice to write a formal resignation letter. This should be short and factual letter stating that you are resigning. Bear in mind that a future employer may ask to see this letter.

What happens next?

In many office support jobs in London, you’ll be invited to an informal meeting with your manager and/or HR to discuss your decision. It’s worth preparing what you plan to say in advance. Regardless of why you resigned, try to be positive about your experience with the employer. You might end up working with people from the team or workplace again one day. You also need to rely on them for a good reference. So, while you may want to be brutally honest, be gracious and polite and keep your emotions in check.

Smooth transitions

Remain committed and conscientious during your notice period. Respect confidentiality, as this is a vital part of PA jobs. Work hard to hand over your work smoothly wherever possible. As your London PA recruitment agency, we can offer you advice on everything from managing start dates to obtaining references. Get in touch with a consultant on 020 7870 7177 if you need any advice.


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