A Day in the Life of a Personal Assistant

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Working in PA jobs in London can be as varied as a box of liquorice allsorts! As a PA recruitment agency, we love hearing about different people’s experiences. Today, we’ll hear about a day in the life of PA Alison.

7:45 am: I’m already at the office. Boss is already here. I think he sleeps here! I grabbed us both breakfast and tea on the way in.

8:00 am: Phone is ringing and my inbox is pinging away. I flip between checking my boss’s emails and mine and answering the phone. I quickly move things over to my to-do list and cross-check with the calendar. I quickly remind my boss of everything he’s got coming up today.

8:30 am: We go to a board meeting. I’m there to take the minutes. When I get in the room, I quickly check that the tech and things like whiteboard pens are all in order.

9:30 am: Back at my desk and my inbox and voicemail are now officially insane. I respond to the urgent ones, then transfer other things to my to-do list. I move on to sorting out various travel arrangements and bookings. I also process all his expenses. which he’s given me the receipts for over the last week.

10:00 am: My boss is on his way out the office. We quickly run through a few things.

10:15 am: Time to tidy up and write up the minutes from the board meeting while it’s still fresh in my mind. I email them over to my boss to approve. He replies from the taxi so I can send them out.

11:00 am: I type up some letters that my boss has asked for. I pop them in a file in my boss’s in-tray. Some clients arrive early to see my boss and he’s not back yet so I greet them, get them settled, and offer them drinks. I get together the things he needs so that when he arrives back at the office, I can help him meet the clients quickly.

12:00 pm: Having arrived back, my boss wants to take the clients for lunch. I call his chosen restaurant but it’s fully booked. I decide to opt for another, then let my boss know. Fortunately, he’s happy with the choice!

12:30 pm: I meet one of my colleagues and we head to a local deli for lunch.

1:30 pm: Pleased that today I got a full lunch break, I’m back to the mess that is my inbox! Progress made!

2:30 pm: I put together a PowerPoint for a client meeting tomorrow. I need to track down some data from other departments so it takes a while.

3:30 pm: My boss reveals that we’ve won a new, big client. We’re going to need some extra staff but we need to start the project tomorrow. Fortunately there are lots of people looking for temp work in London. I call Love Success and they promise they’ll have two administrators here at 9 tomorrow. Then they’ll look for the longer term staff we need.

4:30 pm: My emails are now under control and I’m doing some record-keeping and tidying up today’s files that my boss has managed to spread across his office floor. He’s signed the letters so I organise a courier for the urgent ones.

5:00 pm: Time to double-check I’ve done everything urgent on my to-do list. I move some things over to tomorrow. I check in on my boss to see whether he needs anything else for the day. He asks for an itinerary for a trip he’s got next week so I dash that across.

5:20 pm: I’m out of the door and just manage to catch the earlier bus home!

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