Head Down the BOO-zer with Work Colleagues This Halloween

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It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that Halloween this year was due to coincide with the extended Brexit date of October 31st. As a leading London recruitment agency, Brexit has been much-talked about, and employers have been relying on temporary workers to see them through until things are more settled. While Brexit has been delayed for potentially three months, you might still want to celebrate this ghoulish day with friends or colleagues. For a freakishly fun time, we suggest after-work drinks at a reportedly haunted pub in London.

  1. The Volunteer

    See who you can get from the office to volunteer for a trip to The Volunteer. Situated on Baker Street, you’ll already feel part of history by being there. The pub dates back to the 17th century and was originally owned by the incredibly wealthy Neville family. It’s thought that Richard Neville himself wanders the cellars here. This is a good one if you’re a bit unsure of ghostly boo-zing.

  2. The Old Queen’s Head

    With a name like that, it’s really not surprising that The Old Queen’s Head in Islington is apparently haunted. However, there are no Nearly Headless Nick look-a-likes here! The ghosts are reported to be a mother-daughter duo who were murdered. Disconcertingly, there have been tales of slamming doors and a child’s echoing cries. Brutally fiendish and unsettling, this pub is perfect for Halloween.

  3. The Viaduct Tavern

    At The Viaduct Tavern in the City, you’ll feel like you’re stepping back in time, even if the spirits of the ghostly kind don’t put in an appearance. The pub dates back to 1875 and it’s all about a poltergeist. In other words, you’re more likely to experience strange goings on than see an ethereal figure itself. Just a stone’s throw from the Old Bailey and the London Stock Exchange, we anticipate this will be an interesting post-work place for drinks on 31st.

  4. The Grenadier

    You can find The Grenadier in the heart of Belgravia on London ghost tours. It’s a bit gruesome really. The tale involves a young subaltern who was bludgeoned to death for cheating at cards. Weird goings on at the pub, bizarre temperature drops, and eerie footsteps are reported. Whilst the ghost is apparently most active in September, we’re sure the spooky feeling will still be there at Halloween.

  5. The Sutton Arms

In Barbican, The Sutton Arms has a rather jolly ghost for those who are more scaredy-cat than hardened ghost hunter. The somewhat charming ghost there is known affectionately as Charlie. A red-haired chappy, he apparently enjoys nothing more than to give a mischievous grin to those who spot him. Nothing sinister, just a bit of a laugh.

Grab some brave souls from the office and head down to the BOOzer on 31st October if you're brave enough. You might see our PA recruitment agency consultants there.


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