A Candidate’s Experience of Temping in London

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We’ve spoken to numerous would-be candidates looking for temp work in London and we’ve seen that they often feel daunted as they don’t know what to expect. But we’ve decided to give you on-the-ground insight into being a temp in London by chatting with Bailey, one of our temps who has made a career out of temping in office support roles in London.

Can you give us a snapshot of what your temp work career has looked like?

I actually started temping in London in office support jobs while studying at university. As time has gone on, I’ve moved from taking shorter term holiday cover roles to longer term placements. I tend to now work in full time placements varying from 6-12 months in length. I’ve been temping in London full time as a career for 8 years now and my skill set has vastly improved and I can secure more complex roles.

How do you find your temping positions?

I used to hop between different London recruitment agencies thinking it would give me more choice, but I actually found the opposite to be true. The relationship with your recruitment consultant really matters if you’re temping in London as a career. You can only really do this if you commit to one agency. This also makes things much simpler in terms of pay, benefits, annual leave. I’ve stuck with Love Success now for over 6 years. They really have my back and scout out the best temporary jobs in London for me and my skills.

Are you specialised at all?

I would still consider myself to be a generalist in terms of the office support I can provide. However, I seem to be developing a reputation and key strength within customer service.

What are the benefits of temping in London as a career?

For me, temp work in London has enabled me to build my office support career quickly and do so within a vibrant business-focused city. I also love the flexibility. I’ve really got to know London and its business life well and to me that’s a huge advantage for my future. I think I’ve developed a range of skills that I wouldn’t have developed so quickly in one role.

How do you decide whether to take a placement?

My Love Success consultant is worth her weight in gold here! She knows me really well and I can pretty much guarantee she knows when a placement is right for me. She has insight into the employer, which I don’t have. She’s also really good at finding out exactly what a placement entails by asking the employer the right questions. I’m then armed with all the information I need to make the right decision.

What advice would you give to someone looking for temporary office support jobs in London?

Take your time and do your research about recruitment agencies in London. Temping in London requires the recruitment agency to be your support squad. Ask questions of your recruitment consultant and also your colleagues in the early days in a new placement. Aim to be as efficient as you can and develop excellent communication skills. Be really honest with your recruitment agency about everything from which placements you’ve loved to your diary availability — they are there to help!

Find out why temping in London is a wonderful opportunity at the moment, or discover how Love Success can help you with temping in London by getting in touch on 020 7870 7177.


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