So, You’ve Hit a Career Plateau?

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It’s all too easy to stagnate in your career. That can be particularly true of office support jobs. As a top London recruitment agency, we see it on CVs time and again—the tell-tale signs that an individual hit a career plateau and didn’t act. So how can you tell whether you’ve hit a career plateau? And importantly, what can you do about it?

A career plateau isn’t always bad

Levelling off in your career isn’t always a bad thing. It’s a sign of stability. It can also suit the individual, particularly at certain stages in their life. As long as you’re still motivated and doing the job well, then you can confidently plateau in some jobs. The problem comes when you feel demotivated and this affects your performance.

Let’s uncover the tell-tale signs of a career plateau and what you can do about them.

You’ve exceeded or fully-achieved the usual development route

Different organisations tend to have different career patterns within their office support roles. Some will see you progress from junior to senior to team leader with jumps every 18 months. Others will be less defined. Look around and see how you compare to people on a similar career path in your organisation. Are you ahead of the game—with nowhere else to go? If so, it’s time to contact us, a London recruitment agency that specialises in PA and office support jobs.

You’ve stopped learning and developing

When was the last time your learned a new skill? If you’re having problems remembering, then it’s time to have a career rethink. It’s vital for your career and your self-motivation to keep on learning. It needn’t be that hedonistic learning curve of the early days in a new job, but you should still be stimulated through learning and development. If you’re not learning new things, then the chances are that you’re no longer challenged by this role.

You’re in a good place to move

In terms of your life outside of work, are you secure and ready to use now as a springboard for the next level? If life is settled and you therefore have energy and support, now is likely to be a good time to embrace a career change. Career growth is much easier when everything else around you feels content.

You’re short of meaningful moments

Whether it’s the knowledge that your boss relies on you or that the department runs more smoothly thanks to your systems, how often are you encountering meaningful moments at work? If you no longer feel like you’re making a meaningful contribution and adding value, then you’ve likely plateaued and it’s time to move on.

What to do to get off the career plateau

Don’t stay still in your career if it doesn’t work for you. There’s no reason to be afraid of embracing what else office support jobs in London have in store for you. Dust off your CV, brush down the interview suit, and get in touch with Love Success London recruitment agency. We’ll inspire you and entice you to take the next step where your skills will be taken to a new level and you’ll feel motivated once again. Register as a candidate today.


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